Vacations are officially the best. And what better excuse to book a getaway than a babymoon? After all, this may be the last time in a long, long time that you’ll be able to not think about traveling with a baby (and all the fun logistics that go along with that). If you’re on the fence or just undecided on where to go, here are five amazing destinations to inspire you to catch the pre-baby travel bug.

1. Maui, Hawaii: If you’ve been craving a tropical getaway filled with lazy days on the beach and spa treatments every afternoon, then Maui is your perfect destination. You can soak up the sun while enjoying the conveniences of an established resort lifestyle. Better yet, this getaway spot also offers plenty of site-seeing opportunities, if laying around on the beach isn’t entirely your thing.


2. Santa Fe, New Mexico: From art galleries and historical sites to super-relaxing spa experiences and foodie-level restaurants, Santa Fe offers a babymoon that isn’t short on variety. The dry climate is also a welcome relief for mamas with humid hometowns.


3. Charleston, South Carolina: Plantations, beaches, charming little everything and oh, deep-fried southern goodness — let’s count the ways that Charleston holds up for a seriously perfect babymoon. For the tourists-at-heart, there are haunted tours, historical sites, bed and breakfast spots and more spas than you can shake a magnolia at.

Charleston south Carolina

4. San Francisco, California: The best part about San Francisco is that it’s close to the peace and quiet associated with a babymoon, but you can still get a full city experience too! Stay in the city and enjoy all it has to offer or take a day or overnight trip further north through wine country for a quiet place surrounded by beautiful landscapes and laid-back people.

san francisco golden gate bridge

5. Nantucket, Massachusetts: Some island getaways don’t necessarily need to involve palm trees and coconut drinks, especially when the agenda involves strolling on the beach, people watching and sunset picnics. And if you’re really into shopping for treasured finds from independent stores, Nantucket offers a treasure trove of unique discoveries that range from vintage shops to all-natural beauty counters.


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