We’ll be the first ones to admit that making a drastic career switch isn’t easy — especially if that switch involves crossing state lines. And while pro interview tips and Pinterest hacks to find your dream job may be helpful tools to get you started, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi required to successfully land your ideal job from across the country. We sat down with career expert Annica Russo to find out her top tips for applying for (and getting!) your dream out-of-state job.


1. Be honest. There’s nothing worse than being caught in a big fat lie during the interview process (let alone the fact that misrepresenting yourself on your resume is grounds for immediate dismissal if you do actually get hired). “Lying about your skills on a resume is a big no-no,” says Annica, “but you should also never lie about your location.” Be honest about your address — if it isn’t for an immediate position, most hiring managers will find it refreshing to interview an out-of-towner.

2. Tell the why, but not your life story. Cover letters are a great place to explain why you’re looking to make a big career move. “HR doesn’t need to know that you had a bad breakup and need to get away from your ex, but they should know that you’re interested in Denver because you love the outdoors and you’re excited about the city that it’s evolving into,” advises Annica. Try to give the hiring managers a few reasons why you’d like to move to the city beyond their fabulous job opportunity.

3. Reach out to your network. Listen, we totally understand that reaching out to long lost coworkers is mega awkward, but if it can move your job search ahead, it just might be worth sucking it up. “Reach out to the connections you have in the states you’re applying to,” says Annica. “Ask if they have any connections in the industry you’re applying to and always be sure to thank them with a nice note!”

4. Consistency is key. Applying for jobs, especially out of state, can often feel like the full-time job from hell, but if you’re looking to make a big cross-country career switch, you have to stay consistent. “Make applying for jobs part of your routine,” advises Annica. “Whether it’s dedicating time every night or every other night, make sure you’re being consistent with submitting applications.”

5. Don’t get discouraged. Whether you need to hang motivational cat posters from your wall or complain about the application process to your mom every night, find ways to stay motivated. “In a time that everything is instant, it’s easy to get impatient with the application process,” says Annica. “When you factor in that you’re applying to jobs out of state, you’ll have to remind yourself that the process is going to be a little longer. It could involve several phone or Skype calls and maybe even an in-person meeting.” Her key to staying sane? “Be patient, don’t refresh your email every five minutes, and have plenty of wine on hand… you’re going to need it.”

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