Too busy to squeeze in a full-on workout this week? We totally get it. It can be a real challenge to keep up with stress-inducing聽deadlines, drinks with co-workers, can鈥檛-miss networking events and everything else that comes with keeping your career and social life on track. To make staying strong simple, we talked with three exercise gurus who swear that a few minutes each day is all it takes to keep making progress toward becoming your healthiest and most fit self. Scroll on for the five things the pros keep nearby in case the opp for a spontaneous sweat sesh pops up. We bet you鈥檒l be inspired to find time for a quick break, no matter what鈥檚 on your calendar.

young fitness woman jumping rope at seaside

1. Jump Rope:聽Certified personal trainer Stephanie Mansour swears by her jump rope. She says, 鈥淎 jump rope that鈥檚 custom fit for you is like you have a personal trainer right next to you, varying your moves with just ONE exercise.鈥 Not sure which jump rope to snap up and store in your desk drawer? Stephanie loves聽Rx Smart Gear jump ropes聽and tells us, 鈥淚 like how these are customized for your height 鈥斅爁orget wasting precious time having to untangle a jump rope that鈥檚 too long.鈥

woman using foam roller

2. Foam Roller:聽Stephanie also reminded us about the importance of foam rolling when you work out regularly and stresses that it鈥檚 JUST as important as the time you spend sweating and strength training. She notes, 鈥淔or my clients who are particularly stressed or have tight muscles (which, let鈥檚 face it, is most of us!), I always recommend foam rolling.鈥 When we asked her how to manage foam rolling on the go, she told us that the GRID mini by TriggerPoint is small enough to fit in even a carry-on bag. She promises, 鈥淩eleasing tight muscles and being able to massage yourself when you鈥檙e tight will make you more limber and help you avoid straining or pulling your muscles.鈥

3. Slides:Christine Lusita, a diet and fitness expert, schooled us about how effective slides can be when it comes to squeezing in a quick workout. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e easy to use, easy to pack, affordable AND provide people of all fitness levels an incredible workout that ranges from cardio to strength. The versatility of these slides is endless!鈥 To exercise like Christine, pick up a pair of her fave Slides by SKLZ.

woman using fitness band

4. Resistance Band:聽鈥淚 love a resistance band for training anywhere,鈥 Lisa Reed聽of Lisa Reed Fitness tells us. 鈥淚 can easily fit it in my bag when I am traveling and pull it out for a quick workout in my hotel room, a gym or even in a park. Whether you鈥檙e often stuck at the office or a parent who鈥檚 always on the go, these bands will totally improve your strength and fitness levels.鈥

5. Mobility Sac:聽This one sounds pretty intense, right? Well, its benefits sure are 鈥 in the best of ways. When talking about her fave gear, Lisa clued us in on this cool tool, which actually has the ability to apply direct pressure to your muscles. 鈥淭his promotes recovery, increases blood flow and stimulates healing,鈥 Lisa says. Even more, a聽mobility sac can increase your mobility and range of motion AND and it鈥檚 an excellent tool for post-workout recovery, injury prevention and correcting muscle imbalances. Got all that? Phew!

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