Halloween is near and dear to our B+C hearts — and yours as well I’m sure! We are always looking for the next best idea for a family costume. Two years ago, my son Elijah and I got to rep six momma and cub costumes and it melts my heart to see his growth since then. Note: If you have a toddler and want to get through SIX costume changes in ONE day, call in the big troops (AKA Grandma)! These little toddler-teens are a handful and boy do they have an opinion. SO, this may be your last year to orchestrate you and your mini’s duo look before they choose for you.

Mom and Toddler Halloween Costumes

How to Be Big Bird + Elmo

Big Bird and Elmo Halloween Costumes

I decided to go ALL-IN on DIYing Big Bird’s costume, so I felt it was best and more realistic to just purchase the Elmo costume for my mini. Real talk: Who has time to make BOTH costumes? :) It’s okay, because your mini will lose their minds when they see the life-like Elmo ‘fit in person!

Materials and Tools:

Big Bird Halloween Costume

I found a short yellow dress from the Goodwill as my base, and then hot glued yellow boas all around the dress.

For the headpiece, I glued the yellow feather clusters (which are clusters of feathers that are glued onto a solid structure like cardboard, so if you can’t find them to buy, you can glue feathers to cardboard) back to back, leaving the bottoms of the feather clusters open so they could be glued to the headband. This will make the feathers stand straight up. After all the clusters are glued to the headpiece, I added a few white feathers just like Big Bird has.

Now that the headpiece is made, you need to bring him to life by making his face. To do this, I copied Big Bird’s beak and eyes onto the coordinating foam pieces and then cut them out and glued them to the yellow headband.

Hot glue a couple pieces of purple felt around the tights to create the ribs that Big Bird has on his legs. Throw on your gloves and a pair of yellow shoes and you are good to go!

Big Bird and Elmo Halloween Costumes Gif

How to Be The Cat in the Hat + Goldfish

Cat In the Hat and Goldfish Halloween Costumes

You guys! Ever since we dressed up in this costume, every time we read “Cat in the Hat,” Elijah says, “Momma, is dat you and dat’s me?” about the cat and the fish — cuteness overload! This costume was completely DIY for the little goldfish, and the Cat in the Hat was super easy because I purchased the accessory package that made this look come together.

Materials and Tools:

  • black onesie
  • Cat in the Hat accessory pack
  • white felt
  • black Sharpie
  • orange sweats and sweatshirt
  • ¼ yard each of yellow and orange shiny jersey fabric
  • orange beanie
  • ½ yard orange furry fabric
  • white and black foam paper
  • hot glue and glue sticks
  • paper to stuff fins with
  • matching shoes FTW
Cat In the Hat and Goldfish Halloween Costumes

Cut out the shape of the cat’s tummy using the white felt and then hot glue it onto the black onesie. I found this one at a random shop on Haight St in SF. Add a few black lines onto the white felt for the cool texture that the CITH has in the book! That’s it! Throw on your accessories and call it a day!

To make the scales, cut out a ton of circles that are all the same size, using a template (I used a small cup to trace my circles). Then hot glue them onto the sweatshirt alternating the colors and leaving the bottoms of the circles unglued so they have a little movement.

To make the fins, fold the furry fabric over onto itself and then cut out the shape of your fins for both sides, the booty and for the head. Hot glue them together, leaving a space to stuff paper into them and then glue them onto the sweatshirt, hat and pants.

To make the eyes, cut out big white circles and little black circles to glue onto the sides of the beanie.

Cat In the Hat and Goldfish Halloween Costumes Gif

How to be a Paint Brush + Paint Palette

Paint Brush and Paint Palette Halloween Costumes

Obsessed? Me too! I mean?! This little guy actually got to DIY his outfit with Momma, and yours can too! For Momma, all you need is a little time to DIY a few elements and the rest you may even have in your closet!

Materials and Tools:

  • red pencil skirt
  • white tank top (I found this one at Goodwill with paint on it already)
  • black hat
  • black pipe cleaners
  • bright colored base outfit for the mini
  • black beret
  • white foam board
  • paints
  • glue gun and hot glue
Paint Brush and Paint Palette Halloween Costumes

If you can’t find a tank top that already has paint splotches on it (random find, to be honest), then you can add your shirt to the painting DIY with your little boo’s outfit. Lay out their pants, shirt and your shirt and get your favorite paints and a couple of brushes. This is the perfect activity to let your toddler get in on the action. There are no rules on how he or she can paint their outfit. Elijah was stoked about this part and very proud afterward.

To make the top of the paint brush (AKA your hat), hot glue the black pipe cleaners on and then bend them to resemble the shape of a paintbrush on top.

For your little paint palette, cut out the palette using foam board and then add little splotches of matching paint that you used on your outfits.

Paint Brush and Paint Palette Halloween Costumes Gif

How to Be Princess Leia + An Ewok

Princess Leia and Ewok Halloween Costumes

I had to make sure I showed Elijah the scene from the movie because I wanted him to know who he was dressed up as. It helped!

Materials and Tools:

Princess Leia and Ewok Halloween Costumes

Layer the gun holster or belt over the front and under the poncho in the back. Braid either your own hair or your wig to match Leia’s iconic brown braid.

For your little Ewok, cut out two sides of the fabric in the shape of a mini poncho that will go over the little furry animal hat (which I found at a thrift store). I layed the fabric over the hat to outline the shape of the head and mark where the ears were, so I could sew the two pieces together on top and slightly down the sides and then cut out the places for the ears to pop through.

Cut out the face, and then if you want, give your child a stick to play with (be mindful of how quick they swing that thing though!).

How to Be The Dinosaur Bush + Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands and Dinosaur Bush Halloween Costumes

Probably one of the most fun costume experiences I have ever had! I also showed Elijah the scene from this movie so he could understand what was going on, and let me tell you, he legit got it! This costume duo was a show stopper in our office for sure. Also, this is a more ambitious duo out of the bunch — heavy on DIY, but so worth it!

Materials and Tools:

Edward Scissorhands and Dinosaur Bush Halloween Costumes

Lay out the green jumper and spray the adhesive glue onto small sections so you can stick the moss to the suit. Do this until the entire suit is covered. Complete the same process on the dinosaur head as well.

For your baby Edward, cut out little silver rings and dots to glue onto the black glitter foam paper and then glue that to an undershirt (this is Edward’s black armor that will peep through the button-up shirt).

Place the dress-up shirt over the undershirt and armor, leaving the top couple buttons undone to show it off.

To make the scissor hands, spray paint the knives silver and let them dry. Glue on silver handles that you cut out of the silver glitter foam paper. Put the black gloves on your little, and then use silver duct tape to wrap around his or her finger and knife. Do this on all fingers.

Either spray paint your child’s hair and style it crazy like Edward’s or you can get them a little black spiky wig if you think they will wear it. This would never be an option at this age for mine — he wouldn’t have it :)

Edward Scissorhands and Dinosaur Bush Halloween Costumes Gif

How to Be Sandy + John

Sandy and John Grease Halloween Costumes

Elijah and I dressed up in this costume last year and decided it was too good to not to pull out our ‘fits and share them with y’all. Grandma even debuted as a pink lady when we went out for the evening!

Materials and Tools:

Sandy and John Grease Halloween Costumes

Cut out a black rectangle. Glue a T Birds logo that you cut out of the white foam paper to the black rectangle. Then you can use fashion tape to attach it to the back of the jacket. This way, you can have your mini wear the jacket again. Trust me, you’ll want to have him or her rep this coat all the time — people lose their minds when they see a tiny child wearing it!

Spray their hair black and slick it back for that greaser look.

Style your own wig or hair into Sandy’s wild retro curls and throw on some red lipstick for yourself!

The matching red converse are a must, and you can wear them all year long! We even miss-match our Chucks and wear one red and one yellow just to be playful :)

Sandy and John Grease Halloween Costumes Gif

One more because… come on!

Sandy and John Grease Halloween Costumes

This was actually one of our costumes last year, so I had to share!

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To this day, one of my favorite pics! So much love from this mini.

Here’s a little behind the scenes on our shoot!!!

Whewwww!!! That was quite a day and this little champ of mine sure blew me away with his cheesy “intentional” smile and his joking around. We had SO much fun channeling our imagination on set!

Upload and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative! We would LOVE to see your mom and mini looks! Cuteness overload!

DIY Production and Styling: Misty Spinney
 Models: Misty Spinney + Elijah

Photography: Kurt Andre

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