These Family Halloween Costumes Will Create Major Neighborhood Jealousy
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These Family Halloween Costumes Will Create Major Neighborhood Jealousy

From what I’ve heard, having a #familysquad of four that includes a four-year-old and a 19-month-old is a full-time job in itself. Between running after them, making sure they’re entertained and keeping things out of their mouths, I’m not really sure how/when you would have time to brainstorm Halloween costumes for you and your family. That’s what I am here for! I’m 24, don’t have a family and have one million Halloween costume ideas for your family :) Special thanks to the Rivinus family for coming into B+C HQ and modeling for the morning. Follow along below to re-create these three Halloween looks that will make your neighborhood jealous.


These days I think we can all agree that Starbucks is pretty much a part of every family. Recreate everyone’s favorite Starbucks drinks as a group Halloween costume! The key to this costume is this $30 foam mattress topper

Cut pieces of foam for each family member that measure the length of their chest to above the knee and then the width of their hips (plus a little extra). Spray paint the color of their favorite beverage and then add a white felt band with the Starbucks logo. Use fiberfill to recreate the famous frappe whipped cream and hot glue to the top edge of the foam.

Finish off the costume with a green straw hat made from a cardboard base, fiberfill and green felt. Or, in Ned’s case, pout and cry enough until you don’t have to wear it ;)


Who doesn’t love the sugar-filled snacks at the circus :) We dressed the Rivinus gang as a circus animal cracker, cotton candy, popcorn and Mr. Peanut. Each of them is different, but once they get together, they are the most perfect, sweet-tooth cure.

For the elephant circus animal cracker costume, we headed to Target to pick up pink leggings and a tank top, which we then covered in tons of pom-poms. We bought a Small World Toys Elephant Mask ($10) from Amazon, gave it a coat of pink paint and covered it in more pom-poms. Mom’s cotton candy costume was made from batting that we spray painted light pink and wrapped around a white body-con dress. Finish off the headpiece with pink spray-painted cotton candy and a paper cone.

Dad’s peanut costume is pretty simple. Cut out a peanut shape from cardboard and cover with brown felt and yellow detailing. Finish it off with white gloves and a top hat.

We finally got a hat on Ned! This baby onesie is just made with felt and hot glue! The hat, of course, is the best part and is made from fresh popcorn that we hot glued onto a baby beanie.


We are still in love with Brit’s pregnant troll costume — nude body-con dress, YASSS girl! We updated this costume for the whole family — it’s pretty simple, and all you’ll need is tan colored clothing and wigs for you and your family.

We hit up Amazon for these troll wigs and then created matching gems out of felt for the troll bellies.

Special thanks to Cameron and her family!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Models: Cameron, Dave, Frankie and Ned Rivinus

Photography: Kurt Andre

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