As much as we *love* celebrating our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, we have to admit that we’re getting a little tired of the same boring restaurant and Netflix date year after year. Luckily, the team at language learning app Babbel have shared a few wacky V-Day traditions from around the globe that might just make you try something new with your boo this February 14.

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1. France: Valentine’s Day is celebrated right in the global capital of love. One lovey dovey Parisian tradition is called “une loterie d’amour” which translates to the “drawing for love.” During this time, men and women would enter houses that faced each other and the men would call out to the women until they found a match. What happens if you weren’t picked? Well, you got to take part in a ceremonial bonfire where the ladies burned pics of the men who didn’t want them.

2. Wales: Lovebirds in Wales celebrate with their S.O. on January 25 to mark St. Dwynwen’s Day, the Welsh patron saint of lovers. Traditionally, this would include offering their loved ones an intricately carved wooden love spoon to show their affection.

3. Germany: Bacon lovers, you may want to visit Germany this Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the holiday of love, statues of pigs are adorned with flowers and presented alongside the usual gifts (AKA flowers and chocolates) as a sign of luck.

4. Italy: While Italy has many Valentine’s Day traditions, one superstition prompts young, unmarried girls to wake up before dawn on February 14 — once awake, the legend says that the first man they see will be their future husband.

Lesbian couple sitting on grass next to Arno river giving, receiving gift, Florence, Tuscany, Italy

5. Brazil: If you’re stuck on who to ask out on Valentine’s Day, a Brazilian tradition might be exactly what you need to find your perfect date… and it doesn’t involve downloading a bazillion dating apps. In Brazil, a love-seeking citizen places the name of every person they fancy into a hat and pulls one out at random — the name they pull out is the person they are meant to marry.

6. Denmark: Denmark has been celebrating what is now known as Galentine’s Day for years. In this Scandinavian country, Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers and friends. People often exchange white pressed flowers called snowdrops to show their adoration for each other.

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