Ask any mom, babysitter, older sibling, dutiful auntie or general person who has been around toddlers, and they鈥檒l tell you: Babies put weird things in their mouths. Maybe they鈥檙e teething. Maybe they鈥檙e hungry? Whatever the reason, strange objects end up in in their mouths. And now, artist Lenka Clayton has documented all of the absurd but real things she has extracted from her baby鈥檚 mouth in a lovely new book.

The book itself is gorgeous and available in a variety of colors, a move we can definitely get behind. Clayton only printed 100 limited-edition copies, and her sharp design eye is apparent in every facet of the book.

Spanning from when Clayton鈥檚 son was 8-15 months old, these objects were all found in the many countries where Clayton and her son were living. They include, but are not limited to: an acorn, a bolt, chalk, a cigarette butt, a sponge, small rocks, a little wooden man and a tea bag.

We love that this mom found an artful and hilarious way to document that period of time when her son wouldn鈥檛 stop putting things into his mouth 鈥 even if some of the things he found (an empty rat-poison container, for instance) are totally terrifying.

So don鈥檛 worry moms, you鈥檙e not alone. Other babies are gnawing on bizarre objects, too. If you like this, you should definitely check out Lenka Clayton鈥檚 other work about being a mom. Her sense of humor is always apparent, along with her love for her adorable little boy.

What strange things have you pulled out of your baby鈥檚 mouth? Tell us in the comments below!