Despite the rocky lead up and the less-than-ideal conditions that persist in Rio, the 2016 summer Olympics have already proven a source of major inspiration. From Michael Phelps winning his 21st (!) Olympic gold medal to the unstoppable force that is the gold-medal-winningUS Women’s gymnastics team (do we sense a trend here?), and not to mention all of the ~love connections~ taking place in the athlete’s village, it’s been quite a fun ride so far.

It has also, naturally, been the source of many lols, because what good would an international athletic competition be without memes to collectively bond over? Check out some of the funniest Olympics moments so far below.

1. #PhelpsFace. It took the world NO time to jump all over this one, and it’s not one we’ll forget anytime soon.

2. Aly Raisman’s parents. Following their emotional rollercoaster while watching their daughter compete is SO STRESSFUL and also, so funny. So, so funny.

3. The Tonga flag bearer. Pita Taufatofua — or, more accurately, his very oily, muscly body — turned heads as the flag bearer for Tonga during the opening ceremony, so The Today Show had him on to recreate the look. Yes, they rubbed oil on him. Sure! We can’t help but feel like Al Roker looked during the whole thing.

4. Boomer Phelps’ own #PhelpsFace. Michael Phelps’ baby son Boomer is no doubt the cutest spectator of all Olympics time, but he’s also got a pretty good disgruntled face of his own. Like father, like son.

5. Twitter clapbacks at the Chicago Tribune. So, the Tribune really screwed up when they referred to American Olympian Corey Cogdell-Unrein — who won the in the women’s trap shooting event — as the “Wife of a Bears’ lineman” when tweeting about her accomplishment. But Twitter wasn’t gonna let them get away with that. And while the responses point out a sad reality of the way women athletes, politicians, musicians, etc. are still reported on, they were also pure gold.

6. Just Twitter in general, really. Especially Leslie Jones, whose hilarious live-tweeting got her officially invited to Rio.

7. The bored lifeguard. Maybe having a lifeguard at the Olympics seems a little redundant, but according to Brazilian law, it’s a requirement. When this woman was spotted looking bored out of her mind at a men’s swimming event, people had a field day. As one Twitter user put it, “If you ever feel useless just remember that someone is a lifeguard at the Olympics swimming event.” That’s certainly one way of looking at it!

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