There’s a lot to get excited about for back-to-school season: New classes, new extracurricular activities, new friends… why not have the commute to and from school be just as fun? Today, with the help of NABISCO products, we’re bringing you eight fun-sized items to brighten up the BTS commute. From after school snacks (OREO Cookie minis, por favor!) to tiny school supplies, these carpool essentials will make you *that* much more excited for the school year. Now, let’s get to our eight favorite fun-sized carpool goodies!


1. Don’t forget on-the-go tasty snacks. CHIPS AHOY!, NUTTER BUTTER Bites, OREO Cookie Minis, oh my! You *know* these adorably-sized cookies will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. Our suggestion: Stock up on NABISCO Multipacks for easy on-the-go snacking. Bonus: The box can be reused as a catchall for napkins, wipes and the works. Pick them up at your local Target and be on your merry way.

2. Make a fun-sized playlist. Make a playlist with *just* enough songs on it for the length of the commute. Switch up the tunes between a.m. and p.m. or let each sibling make their own mix. If you ask us, carpool karaoke is always a good idea.


3. Stow fun-sized back-to-school supplies. Keep a stash of miniature back-to-school supplies — like tiny notebooks, mini highlighters and pint-sized pens — in the car for those particularly forgetful mornings ;) It’s the carpool version of “travel-sized”! (Image via Getty)

4. Try all-fruit apple juice boxes. If back-to-school season had an official beverage, it would *for sure* be apple juice. Keep plenty of all-fruit apple juice boxes in the car for a tasty, no-mess snack. Pro tip: On those especially hot days, pack nearly frozen juice boxes instead! They’re super fun to drink in slushy form :)


5. Pack a fun-sized DIY for moms. Waiting in the pick-up line? That counts as me-time, moms! It’s just enough time to work on the most meditative and mess-free DIY out there: coloring pages. Download and print these gems for free or go and pick up our coloring book in the Brit + Co Shop.

6. Always have a mini car cooler. Keep those juice boxes and tiny treats cool with a small cooler bag. The last thing you want to worry about in a carpool is snacks going bad. Plus, it doubles as a mobile pantry!


7. Stow a tiny first aid kit. Boo-boos happen, y’all. Keep a mini first aid kit in your glove compartment for emergencies. Hopefully you won’t have to use it :) (Image via Getty)

8. DIY a mini “white board” for doodling. Guess what? An old CD case (remember those?) actually doubles as a white board! Keep the kids ocupado with some dry erase pens and let their imaginations do the rest.

There you have it — eight fun-sized tips and tricks for the best carpool ever. Happy back-to-school season!

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