There are a ton of popular ways to up聽your health, like聽trendy superfoods, supplements and even personalized聽vitamin regimens. One way to get your nutrients that聽we haven鈥檛 seen a ton of before? Drinkable products. From probiotics to aid聽your immune system to collagen to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant, it seems like there鈥檚 a liquid聽product for almost every health and beauty target 鈥 and we鈥檙e totally digging it. Some come with their own tempting flavors, while others don鈥檛 taste much like anything so they can be added to whatever you鈥檙e already drinking. So take a sip, babes:聽These bevs are sure to give your body a boost in one way or another.


1. KeVita Cleansing Probiotic Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic聽(prices vary): Not all of these products鈥 ingredients are crazy fancy. Case in point: KeVita鈥檚 apple cider vinegar tonics. The common pantry staple has been demonstrated to help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and risk of diabetes. The six delicious flavor options for KeVita鈥檚 brew 鈥 including Meyer lemon, ginseng mandarin and elderberry 鈥 make it a much more pleasant alternative to drinking the stuff straight.


2. The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost ($50): Collagen is a hot ingredient right now, especially since skin care professionals and dermatologists are starting to acknowledge that ingestible collagen can actually have an impact on the health of your skin. Mix this stuff with water and drink it once or twice a聽day for healthier skin, nails and hair. Sign us up!


3. Wai Probiotic Drink Mix ($8 for six sticks): This natural probiotic mix, which comes in a half-dozen flavors, supports your immune system, helps reduce gas and bloating and can even give your metabolism a little boost. What makes these packets extra awesome is that the probiotics inside are tested and guaranteed to make it past your stomach acid and into your intestines 鈥 something not all formulas can do.


4. Replere Restore & Fortify Beauty Shooter聽($37 for 14 bottles): This little guy gives you a powerful punch聽of antioxidants via natural superfood ingredients, including聽resveratrol and camu camu. It promises an energy boost plus some serious nutritional chops.


5. Bonafide聽Provisions Organic Beef Bone Broth ($34 for two 24-oz packs): Bone broth has been a *thing* for a while now, and with good reason. It contains two important amino acids: proline and glycine. Proline helps to strengthen the walls of your cells, which can help with digestive, skin and cardiovascular issues. Glycine helps your body absorb collagen, so bone broth synergizes well聽with聽collagen supplements. Unlike many other comparable products on the market, Bonafide鈥檚 bone broth is frozen, since as an animal product it鈥檚 best consumed fresh.


6. Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Supplement聽($48 for 20 sticks): Not only is collagen great for your skin, but it鈥檚 also amazing for your overall health. These handy serving-size packets contain a powder you can add to virtually any liquid. Especially great for bone and joint health, they鈥檙e a powerful and worthwhile addition to your supplement regimen.


7. Dirty Lemon Detox ($65 for six bottles): A major selling point of this detox drink is activated charcoal (sourced here from coconut shells), which helps support digestive聽function and is even sometimes used in cases of OTC medication overdose for聽its chemical cleansing properties. DirtyLemon聽recommends drinking a bottle of this bev聽before bed on a full stomach聽so it can do its best work.


8. Rebbl Reishi Chocolate Elixir (prices vary): This elixir is based around reishi mushrooms, which are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and one of the most well-researched superfoods. Promoting聽liver function and cardiovascular health, they鈥檙e combined with coconut milk and chocolate for a delicious, potent health beverage.


9. Torii Awake Tonic ($45 for six bottles): This supplement is all about adaptogens, AKA substances that help you deal with stress. You can drink this product daily on its own or add it into a smoothie for a little extra nutrition in your go-to breakfast or snack.

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