Vitamins are intimidating. For such a tiny little product, they can cause an impressive amount of confusion. Details on the actual ingredients and where they’re sourced is minimal in this industry, making it next to impossible to know what you’re really taking and how pure it is. Additionally, trying to figure out what you need and when is basically like submitting yourself to a self-induced, Googling black hole. Which multivitamin is best? Do you actually need a multivitamin? We’ll just go ahead and stop you there. This whole process can be easier — and it can be customized. Figuring out what vitamins you need is hard, because not everyone should be taking the same ones. The solution? The new vitamin brand: Care/of.


Care/of just launched this past Wednesday and is taking a totally new approach to the daily ritual by helping you create a custom pack curated just for you and your body. On Care/of’s site, you’ll be prompted to take a quick, 45-question survey related to your goals, lifestyle and values to help figure out what it is you should be taking.

I tried it. It only takes about five minutes to complete. At the end, it will list off which of their 30 supplements they recommend. I mentioned immunity, skin, stress and memory as four areas I wanted help with. They recommended a couple pretty straightforward additions: calcium and vitamin C. But they also suggested two I’d never heard of before: Astaxanthin, which can help improve memory and Rhodiola, which helps reduce fatigue.

Each supplement is accompanied by a brief overview of what it is and how it’s supposed to help you. Additionally, and somewhat novel for the vitamin industry, it includes links to research on each suggestion that has been backed by thousands of peer-reviewed research articles which have been vetted by Care/of‘s scientific advisory board of doctors and nutritionists.

They might not have the widest variety of vitamins available, but like the newly launched Ritual vitamin, transparency is at the forefront of their mission. They only supply vitamins that they are able to provide a solid backstory for. They know where it’s coming from and so will you.


If you’re worried about how cute Care/of’s vitamins look (because like, if you do, you do), the answer is very. The selection is available on a subscription basis, and your monthly pack comes in an adorable tea-like box that would honestly make for a welcome addition to the kitchen or bathroom counter. The 30-individual packs also have your name on them. Necessary? No, not really. But it does drive the point home that these are vitamins curated just for you. They literally have your name on them.

Head over to Care/of’s site to see what they’d recommend for you.

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(Photos via Care/of)