If I told you this was the first time I鈥檝e written a 鈥90s-themed gift guide, I would be lying to you. Gifts that have to do with the 鈥90s happen to be my specialty 鈥 in fact, I鈥檓 gazing lovingly at a lava lamp I gifted myself just last week. I know all the words to both Clueless *and* Reality Bites. I even created a custom hashtag that pertains to all things 鈥90s. That鈥檚 how deep my 鈥90s love flows. So the moment I saw eyewear brand Zenni鈥檚 fresh line of pastel frames and mirrored shades, I knew that this year鈥檚 鈥90s gift guide had to be born.


Not familiar with Zenni? This stylish spec supplier uses state-of-the-art optical materials to manufacture eyeglasses, made to order just for you. That鈥檚 right. No middleman, and glasses are only produced upon order. The result? High-quality glasses that are affordable for everyone.


And guess what? They鈥檝e got more than 6,000 frames. And of those 6,000 frames, at least a dozen of them will take you back. Back to the 鈥90s, to an era of clear purple frames complemented by braces with matching purple rubber bands and a clear purple mini backpack. Luckily, these glasses still look on point even without the braces ;)


1. Zenni 鈥90s Translucent Frames ($19 and up): We鈥檒l start at the top with a pair of Round Half Rim Acetate Frames ($24), boasting a bold browline and girly pink vibes. And because pink frames aren鈥檛 enough, opt for pink lenses with this pair and you will see the world through a technicolor version of rose-colored sunnies. Smack dab in the middle we鈥檝e got the pair of glasses that every single person who wore glasses in the 鈥90s owned. These Acetate Full Rim Frame ($19) glasses are available in pink and purple, because no other colors would make sense. And if you鈥檙e going for more of a cool-girl vibe, these yellow Round Acetate Frames ($24) feature a keyhole bridge for comfort and style.


2. City Hunter Diagram Panel Hat ($15): Now this is a story all about how鈥 we found the freshest hats the Internet has ever seen. Available in over a dozen color combos, these make a great stocking stuffer.


3. Happy Juice Freaker Cozy + Doggie Style Freaker Cozy ($10 each): Admittedly, I wish these beverage sweaters came with human sweaters that matched so I could rock a neon wolf wearing sunnies all dang day. But alas, we鈥檒l have to settle for having the most stylish beers around. I actually did receive the Happy Juice Freaker in my stocking two years ago and still use it!


4. Pop Phone Retro Handset ($17): Remember when you had your own phone line? I do, and I even had a custom answering machine message that included 鈥淪piderwebs鈥 by No Doubt. For folks who miss leaning on their phone while they dish the dirt, this pop phone is an instant win.


5. Double Tip Pen Set ($15): Your to-do list is about to get way more colorful.


6. Smiley Face Stoneware Mug ($10): Peace, love and this smiley face mug.


7. Girl Talk Bobbi Set ($15): This trio of bobbi pins by our friends at Ban.do is the perfect way to channel your love for baby barrettes in a more modern way.


8. Kaleidoscope Fanny Pack ($32): The fanny pack is back. And while I maintain that it never actually left, I鈥檓 happy to see this handy accessory back in rotation.


9. Yin-Yang Tie-Dye Tee ($34): It鈥檚 tie-dye, it鈥檚 a yin-yang AND the yin-yang has sunflowers in it?! Oh, and it鈥檚 also OVERSIZED?! [Mind explodes.]


10. Perler Bead Coasters Kit ($19): That鈥檚 right. Those are perler beads, and we turned them into emoji coasters! You can also use these to make really awesome ornaments or gift toppers for all your holiday prezzies.


11. Pink Velvet Scrunchie ($10): Just don鈥檛 tell Carrie Bradshaw :)


12. Assorted 鈥90s Stud Set ($8): Your mix-and-match earring dreams just came true.


13. Lisa Frank Headphones ($12): The pink headband, the purple cord, the neon penguin graphics. It鈥檚 too much. It鈥檚 just鈥 beautiful.


14. Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shakers ($12): Some people have told me that if left to my own devices, my house would look a lot like a 鈥90s funhouse. I take that as a compliment, and you best believe that these shakers are on my kitchen table.


15. Colour Me Good聽鈥90s Coloring Book ($13): Hop on the coloring book bandwagon with an ode to your favorite characters, objects and moments of the 鈥90s.


16. Peace Sign Ornaments ($32): How awesome are these hand-painted ornaments? And yes, we think they could double as statement earrings or a necklace.


17. Lip Smacker Party Pack ($10): Finally, the best thing anyone could EVER find in their stocking: LIP SMACKERS!


This post is a collaboration with Zenni.