It’s not just the fashion world that’s getting behind nostalgic trends. Turns out the beauty biz is all about throwback looks and products that will have you longing for old-school style. So if beach waves and fishtail braids just aren’t your thing, turn to ’90s-era hairstyles for summer 2018. From Princess Leia-inspired buns to butterfly clips, our favorite nostalgic hairstyles that were hot decades ago are quickly regaining popularity. Need convincing? Check out our favorites below.

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1. Pop Star Buns: Move over, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, these buns are thriving in the 2010s.

2. Baby Hairs: Embrace your micro-fringe for a sweet ’90s vibe.

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3. Volumized Pixie Cut: While slick, polished pixies were hot last year, we’re ready for something a bit more unruly. Volume is here to stay, people!

4. Piecey Bangs: The easiest way to channel this decade? Toss your locks into a bun, and pull out two small pieces in the front. Quick, easy, and on-trend.

5. Crimped: It’s time to dig out your old hair crimper, because we’re seeing these tiny, textured waves everywhere.

6. Tiny Twists: Get ready to channel your inner Brandy with these long, twisted strands.

7. Twisted Corn Rows: Twisting your hair back into petite sections (then clipping them with a butterfly clip, duh) was truly a thing way back when. We’re ready to bring it back if it means being able to use fun clips again. You in?

8. Symmetrical Buns: To keep these funky buns modern, make sure to pull out pieces in the front and on the sides. It makes the style a bit less polished and messier (that’s so 2018).

9. Half-Up Buns: Not ready to commit to a total updo? Try this half-up, half-down look that incorporates not one, but two vintage looks.

10. Messy Shag: Show your stylist this sweet ‘do for a serious grungy feel.

11. Slicked Back Pony: Grab your favorite hair gel, and work your locks back into the tightest pony possible for a hella badass feel.

12. Clipped Back Bangs: Yes, they still sell these classic clips, and we can see why.

13. Butterfly Clips: While some may still be on the fence about them being modern enough, we say rock them with confidence.

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