First, we showed you how to decorate with leaves. Now let us teach you how to incorporate all those loose acorns into your household adornments. Whether you’re looking to make some gifts for pals on the cheap or just looking for found items to spruce up the apartment, after you tackle these eight projects, you’ll find that you’re totally nuts about acorns, too.

1. Acorn Ornaments: Make these ornaments with household items (you have paint on tap, right?) and make your holiday feel even more festive. (via Say Yes)

2. Felted Acorns: All you need for these adorable bad boys is the acorn cap. Use to top presents or just as a general decoration to make your house feel a bit more colorful and playful. (via Free People)

3. Glitter Autumn Acorns: These acorns are actually handmade chocolate fondant. But if you’re using them as decoration rather than on a cake, you could make them yourself from that pile in the front yard. (via The Cake Blog)

4. Acorn Flour: If you’re not feeling inspired to decorate your house with them, why not whip up some acorn flour to give your fall baking a unique and delicious taste? (via Cupcake Project)

5. Acorn Pillow: This pillow doesn’t have to be limited to one season of the year. Snuggle with it in spring and dream of all the PSLs to come. (via BHG)

6. Crochet Acorn Garland: If you’re a crochet whiz, take a stab at this garland for something you might expect to drop some serious dough on at Anthro. (via The Warp and the Weft)

7. DIY Memory Necklace: Did we just find the holiday present we’re going to make for all of our relatives? We think yes. (via One Ten Zero Seven)

8. Painted Acorn Garland: Dip the acorns in paint, thread a piece of string through the cap and hang in lieu of (or addition to) twinkle lights. We promise it’s never too early. (via Minted)

Have you found some other uses for all those acorns you’ve squirreled away? Show us what you’ve come up with in the comments!