Fall has officially arrived. From pumpkin spice everything and flannel button-ups to Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, we’re loving all that comes along with the cooler temps. And speaking of decor, if you’re looking to add a final touch to your outdoor (or indoor) fall decorations, look no further than a wreath. A wreath not only welcomes you to the home, but it sets the tone for your seasonal theme. Check out these 10 fall wreaths you can easily whip up at home.

1. Boxwood Wreath: This wreath is as easy to make as stepping into your backyard. Just cut some pieces of whatever greenery you have (it doesn’t have to be boxwood) and thread the pieces into a stick wreath. Easy peasy! (via Liz Marie Blog)

2. Apple Wreath: This piece of autumn decor looks tasty enough to eat. Just make sure to use fake apples for a forever fresh-looking wreath. (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

3. Wooden Hexagon Wreath: If you’re not a fan of the traditional wreath, opt for something a little more modern. Simply build (or buy) a base and attach your favorite fall decor. (via Cherished Bliss)

4. Wriggling Snake Wreath: Give trick-or-treaters a spooky surprise with snakes slithering on your front door. BOO! (via Martha Stewart)

5. Acorn Wreath: Making this wreath is a bit more labor intensive, but it’s totally worth the extra effort. After baking the acorns (this kills any creepy crawlies living inside), you can leave them natural or paint them to match your existing fall decor. (via Little Things Bring Smiles)

6. Wheat Burst Wreath: This wreath is literally bursting with autumn appeal. (via A Real-Life Housewife)

7. Golden Wreath: Fall has us thinking in oranges, golden yellows and browns. Whether you stick to one color like this blogger did or you decide to mix it up with multiple colors, we think this wreath is the perfect way to bring fall into your home. (via Tiffany Zajas Photography)

8. Nevermore Halloween Wreath: This Edgar Allen Poe-inspired wreath will have you wondering whether it was trick-or-treaters or a raven rapping at your chamber door. (via Katydid and Kid)

9. Rosemary Wreath: We think greens are always in season when it comes to making beautiful wreaths. (via The Pretty Blog)

10. Corn Husk Wreath: Corn husks have just the right amount of rustic chic appeal for styling a harvest-themed front porch. (via Martha Stewart)

How do you decorate for fall? Have you ever made your own fall wreath? Talk to us in the comments!