Everyone loves a good vacation. There’s something so refreshing about getting away from it all — if you can avoid questions about the election and get good deals on your travels. There are some travel splurges that are worth it though; mainly, experiences! That’s why we’re really excited about our favorite travel home-sharing site’s newest feature.

Airbnb Experiences matches you with locals who know the area (which means more than just the usual touristy attractions) and can show you around. The best part is that these guided activities can last hours or days. Here are some of our favorites:

Group of friends having a bite.

If you’re taking a trip to Southern California, you’ll definitely want to check out The Food Anthropologist Experience. The host, Paola, is a trained chef and is known for producing LA’s most popular tasting events. She founded the Mexico Feeds Me dinner series and contributes recipes to Cooking Light, Saveur and Vice MUNCHIES. The Experience lasts three days and focuses on the progressive street food corridor in LA, secret pop-up restaurants and even an experience where the underdogs of the kitchen (dishwashers, bakers, pastry chefs, etc. who don’t normally get to show off their skills) prepare you a meal. It will set you back $250 per person, but the meals are included in that cost and you’ll be with a small group of only five other people. So worth it!

Masai Unity

Next on the list is Nairobi, Kenya. In this two-day experience, Agent of Change, you will learn Maasai crafts in a social impact immersion. Your host, Emilyn, is a Kenya native who earned a graduate degree in International Development in the United States. When she finished school she returned to Kenya, where she helps empower women and cultivate community. 100 percent of the proceeds from this experience ($150 per person) go to Zawadisha, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide rural women access to renewable energy and water. You will have an insider’s dinner in Nairobi, learn Maasai beading and cook on a clean cookstove, which means less coal and therefore less toxic fumes. Why not make a positive impact on your next vacation?

Laughing woman with dog

Next comes Dog Rescue in Detroit. Danielle has volunteered at Detroit’s only no-kill shelter for the past three years and loves working with animals. In this two-day experience you will get a tour of the shelter, along with puppy playtime and time with the Forever Foster dogs (dogs who don’t get adopted because of physical and/or mental disabilities). It will only cost you $150, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Detroit Dog Rescue. This is a great experience for all you animal lovers out there. We promise the puppies will melt your heart.

These are just a few of the amazing experiences you can now enjoy through Airbnb. If you’d like, you can even sign up to host a guided activity yourself!

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(h/t Mashable; Photos viagilaxia, borchee + Hero Images /Getty)