Using your travel points in the most beneficial way possible is an art. It requires skill, perfect timing and a significant amount of research. And to be honest, the reason most of us just kind of pick a rewards card and roll with it is because we don’t have the time or patience to deal with that hassle. But peep at the Instagram of someone like Brian Kelly (AKA The Points Guy) to see how he flew to Europe in first-class for less than $300, and you might just reevaluate how you handle frequent flyer miles. If you’re still like, “Ya, but… research, work, so much reading, bleh…” Relax. There’s a new service that claims to do all the legwork for you. Enter: SlingShot.

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The new online service was just launched this month by former Lyft Travel Partnerships Lead, Dan Pierson. The SlingShot platform combines personal finance with your travel preferences to create customized travel plans. The service aims to help you a) pick a rewards card that will be most beneficial for what you want/how you travel, b) understand exactly how the program works, and c) utilize their rewards points in the most effective way for ultra discounted or potentially free (!!) travel.

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Here’s how it works: You’ll first create a profile sharing your preferred destinations, travel frequency, spending patterns, credit info, current credit card use, etc. Then SlingShot will use this data to put together a free and customized frequent flyer program. It’ll tell you which card will work best for your needs specifically, what special offers and sign up bonuses the card is currently offering and how you can rack up the most point the fastest (for example, use the Chase Sapphire Preferred at restaurants where you’ll get double the points). And if that’s all still a bit too much, there’s a concierge-style service to answer any questions and help you along the way.

So what’s the catch? There really isn’t one. SlingShot has relationships with 100+ credit card companies, and if you sign up through them, SlingShot receives compensation, much like a travel agent. See you in the air, folks.

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