Think back to the time you took your very first booze-fueled sip. And, since we’re strolling down memory lane and all, that time that you did your very first keg stand. Aw… Let’s just say (or hope!) that your drinking habits have changed A LOT over the years. If not, there’s a new gadget that wants to help you become the smart drinker you always knew you could (and should) be: Alcohoot, the world’s premiere smartphone breathalyzer.

Alcohoot is purse, even clutch-size so you can take it out with you — and not feel weird when you then take it out to use it. That’s the whole idea behind the device; the creators wanted to make a breathalyzer that you would actually use and not be embarrassed to bust out at a party or bar.

You just plug it into your headphone jack, no Bluetooth pairing or installation necessary. It might have a cute name and a pretty cute little look, but this is a serious piece of equipment. The $119 device uses fuel cell technology — the same system police use — to give you an accurate read of your Blood Alcohol Content upon blowing. Impressive specs aside, it’s really what Alcohoot does with that number that has us wanting to take it to our next Happy Hour(s).

The companion app (free for iOS and Android) gives you a space to track your drinking habits and get on the right routine to better imbibing. Instead of sending a text or two you might regret in the AM, spend not-so-sober smartphone minutes noting your consumption over the course of an evening. It will help you conceptualize what “drunk” really means for you and let you graph and compare that day with others to find trends in your drinking habits.

Even with Alcohoot as your drinking buddy, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re past the point of practical inebriation. Then, the app acts like an uber responsible Uber, showing you cabs nearby and sending one to pick your drunk butt up. If you and your friends want a stop to sober up before you head home, use the app to navigate your way to a restaurant that’s open late and in walking distance. And preferably serves fried food in the “comfort” family. Mmm.

Over time, Alcohoot wants you to understand your drinking habits and what alcohol consumption does to you, your bod, your brain and your next day. It might help you create a routine that helps you drink “better” and wake up happier. A future of drinking smarter could mean less headaches for you and safer situations for all. We will definitely cheers (with water, of course) to that.

Would you use Alcohoot? What would you say if you see someone using it next time you’re out?

(h/t: Mashable)