In recent months, we have undeniably been witnessing the most outrageous presidential race in, well, probably ever. Totally disturbing accusations and disgusting remarks (not to mention serious situations regarding assaults), Twitter tantrums, Roe v. Wade responses, that infamous “nasty woman” comment, “Bad hombres” a.k.a. #badombres and “locker room” talk reactions are just a few of the reasons this sitch has been nearly unbelievable. It’s almost like watching a movie. That’s why it’s so perfect that AMC Theaters have teamed up with CNN for epic (but sorta scary) election night coverage.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

This year (and for the first time ever), 50 AMC theaters in 25 major cities will be screening the live election results, as well as throwing viewing parties where those in attendance can choose between theaters designated Democratic blue or Republican red.

If you and your friend happen to be on either sides of the political spectrum, it looks like you may have to watch separately, sorry.

Offered to any and all AMC stub members and their guests, Elizabeth Frank, AMC’s Executive VP and Chief Content & Programming Officer said in a statement to Deadline, “On Election Night, as Americans gather in their communities to watch the conclusion of this historic election, we recognize that Democrats want to cheer with fellow Democrats and Republicans cheer with fellow Republicans.”

Though it’s all meant to be fun (and totally engaging), Deadline also noted that, although AMC wouldn’t directly comment on it, there will be added security in place as “some of the cities allow concealed carry and the two candidates are strongly pro-NRA and anti-NRA.” Yikes!

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

In a related yet freaky side note: Apparently, poll workers in Ohio are required to take active-shooter training before election day this year. That’s… intense. If you’re interested, the action will begin at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific on election night, November 8. You merely need to RSVP to your local theater to book your seats for what is surely the political event of the year.

Cities participating include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit and in swing-state cities of Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Orlando, Phoenix, St. Louis, Houston, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, FL, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa and Washington, DC.

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(h/t Deadline; photos via Scott Olson, Pool/Getty)