Another debate, another day spent recovering from all the insane comments Donald Trump made the night before. There were a handful of standout quotes, but the main one that has the internet reeling is the moment he called Hillary a “nasty woman.” Just in case you couldn’t get yourself to sit through round three of the political blood bath, here’s a clip of what Trump said.

Naturally, the internet was NOT happy about the comment. And in classic Twitter fashion, reactions started rolling in.

But like the last time Donald was caught saying something derogatory towards women (see: #notokay), the Twitterverse has responded not just with witty comments but also with an inspirational new hashtag: #IAmANastyWomanBecause. Scroll through the contributions to the hashtag and you’ll find women stating their accomplishments and why they’re proud to be a woman.

We’re loving this smart and educated response to such a demeaning comment. Remember, election day is November 8. Don’t forget to VOTE!

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(Photo via SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty)