It’s no secret that we love pizza. We love making pizza, we love ordering pizza, we love turning other things into pizza and making pizza from a can… So when we heard that a pizza vending machine was making it’s way over to the States, we could hardly contain our excitement.

First, let’s talk about the adorable name. “Let’s Pizza”? Um, we want to pizza! We’re not entirely sure when pizza became a verb, but we’re going with it.

Now, the process itself. At first, we were a little skeptical. We’ve all been to those vending machines with “vintage” LifeSavers gathering dust at the bottom… not exactly an ideal place for pizza to be stored. But this isn’t just any vending machine: It’s like a tiny little pizzeria, cooking your pie in an infrared oven just when you want it. The machine takes 3 minutes to load your pizza with sauce, cheese, and up to three toppings. For $6, you can have pizza anytime you want, from a vending machine!

Check out the video above to see how it works. Admittedly, we're still just the littlest bit skeptical. ;)

Obviously, nothing compares to delicious homemade pizza or the perfect pie from a local shop, but we have to admit this sounds cool. And if we’re going to be eating out of a vending machine anyway (like in a hotel or a college dorm), this seems like a great alternative to chips and candy bars.

Would you be willing to try pizza from a vending machine? Do you think this sounds like the solution to your late-night snacking woes or the newest disgusting food innovation to hit the States? Tell us if you want to pizza by commenting below or tweet us your thoughts.