Being a new parent can be totally overwhelming, but technology is certainly making it a little easier. We鈥檝e tipped you off to apps that want to help you get pregnant, ideas for聽announcing your new addition to the world, inspo to get that nursery ready and the scoop on where to get all the gear聽for your growing family. Now, we introduce you to some stellar apps that will get your new role as Mom or Dad off to a great start. From monitoring and feeding聽to聽vacationing聽and even handling emergencies, these apps will walk new 鈥榬ents through it all.

1.聽My Baby Today: With personalized perspectives from other parents, this app connects you with other moms and dads who had babies the same month. Share your own advice and hear other new parents sound off on the same issues. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

2.聽Baby Connect: For bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived new parents who might have trouble recalling what day it is, this app is a lifesaver. It tracks diaper changes, feedings, sleep habits and more + shows all the data on easy-to-use graphs and charts. ($4.99 on iOS and Android)

3.聽White Noise: Because you never know where or when your infant might be snoozing, it鈥檚 a good idea to keep that white noise maker handy. This app will be wherever you are when those tiny eyelids start to get heavy. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

4.聽SmartMom: New parents will soon find everyone (even strangers!) wanting to give advice. This app delivers useful thoughts from other real parents you actually want to hear from in a friendly online community. (Free on iOS) And if you鈥檙e in the San Francisco area, try the newly-launched app Parenthoods, which tells you to 鈥渟ave the highlight reel for Facebook.鈥 (Free on iOS)

5.聽Eat Sleep: Track the eating and sleeping habits of your infant and reference them at any time on this handy app. It鈥檚 simple interface means you can see details like which side was nursed last with one quick glance. (Free on聽iOS)

6.聽Baby Pack + Go: There鈥檚 nothing like realizing halfway through the trip to the park that you forgot to pack the all-important sunscreen for your little one. This app makes getting out of the house a cinch by letting you load packing lists for all occasions so you鈥檒l never forget anything again. ($.99 on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

7.聽Baby Travel: Feeling apprehensive about your first flight with a child? Put your mind at ease with this handy app, which reveals tips and tricks for traveling with kids and even lets you put your mail on hold! (Free on iOS)

8.聽WebMD Baby: When a health question arises concerning your new babe, nothing beats being able to find answers in a moment on your phone. This app puts doctor-approved advice and information right in your hand. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

9.聽Precorder: Babies have a knack for doing the cutest things when you least expect it. Never miss a sweet moment with this app, that constantly saves the few seconds of video before you even hit record. ($1.99 on聽iOS)

10.聽Baby Sign + Learn: Research has shown teaching your baby simple sign language can cut down on stress and frustration before your little ones learn to speak, and this app will help you get started. ($2.99 on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

11.聽Baby MedBasics: Simple illustrations are housed in this app to give you step-by-step instructions to emergencies like burns, chocking and bleeding. It鈥檚 a must for parents and can be shared with other caregivers and babysitters for a little added peace of mind. ($2.99 on iOS)

12.聽Dormi: Put this app on two Android devices and you have a totally upgraded baby monitor. The smart app allows for two-way communication and lets multiple parent devices tune in. (Free on Android)

13.聽InstaB: It鈥檚 like聽Instagram, but exclusively for your baby. Make the most of each milestone with impressive filters, stickers and text overlays that record growth beautifully. (Free on聽iOS聽and聽Android)

Do you use an app to make parenting a little simpler? We鈥檇 love to hear about it in the comments!