You know you鈥檙e a Pinterest addict when you notice a stranger鈥檚 cute boots and wish you could save them to your 鈥淪hoes I Need鈥 board. Pinterest is awesome for shopping, browsing and discovering new things when you鈥檙e聽online.聽The thing is, we do those things offline too. So how do you take all that Pinteresty goodness beyond your monitor? A DIY Pinterest board for your wall聽is a super start.聽Here are five more ways to take your Pinterest聽experience beyond the app.

1. LoveList: See a product you love in a brick-and-mortar store? Save it to Pinterest just by scanning its barcode. Use it to create a wish list, keep track of your go-to beauty products or catalog all your fab finds. A wedding registry could expand to include as many stores as you鈥檇 like! While it won鈥檛 help you pin a passerby鈥檚 boots, LoveList will let you save the ones you see in a store window. (Free on iOS)

2.聽Nordstrom In-Store Pinterest Displays: Nordstrom is one of a few brands to take advantage of Pinterest as a window into what customers want. An internal app lets employees know which items from their department鈥檚 inventory are popular on Pinterest. They then聽highlight them in displays marked with Pinterest logo tags. The displays are updated weekly. The retailer also has a strong presence on Pinterest with a board devoted to these most popular pins. This past year, they even debuted their holiday catalog on Pinterest first. (via聽Business Insider)

3.聽Android Notifications:聽The Pinterest app for Android can alert you when you鈥檙e near that sweet handbag you pinned the other day. This would be great if you have a board of restaurants you want to visit, shopping list items from a brick-and-mortar store or landmarks you want to visit on a trip. The app will lead the way to your favorite destinations and products. It鈥檚 especially handy on聽wearables! (via Pinterest)

4.聽ZipList:聽ZipList won鈥檛 make you a daiquiri, but it will help you get a recipe into your glass or onto your plate. With its recipe clipper browser extension, convert recipes from聽Pinterest聽into a shopping list of ingredients. You can then organize your shopping list by aisle in your local grocery store. Spend less time wandering the aisles and get cookin鈥 quicker! (Free on iOS and Android)

5. Pinterest Party: What good is that gorgeous layer cake聽if it鈥檚 trapped on the other side of your screen? Throw a Pinterest party to try out the recipes you鈥檝e pinned and get some DIY time in with your friends. There are a few ways to make this happen. You can plan one big group project, ask each guest to bring supplies for a craft they鈥檝e pinned or a Pinterest-inspired dish to share, or the guests can swap project supplies and take them home as party favors. (via Brit + Co)

Have you ever wanted to save a stranger鈥檚 outfit to Pinterest? How do you wish you could connect with Pinterest in the offline world?