If you’re planning a getaway, where to stay is a critical factor. The best hotels really pull out all the stops, with jaw-dropping locations, Insta-worthy architecture and decor, or amenities that even the most seasoned traveler wants to sing about from the rooftops. Joining the list of must-sees is our newest fascination, an ultra-creative hotel that allows guests to book rooms based on color and emotion. Based in St. Louis, MO, the Angad Arts Hotel is the first of its kind. We caught up with the property owner and lead developer Steve Smith to get the inside scoop on how his team hopes to inspire all types of travelers.

Green Loft Suite Angard Arts Hotel Alise OBrien

According to Smith, the team dove into studying the complexities of color right away. “Color is very experiential and powerful, as it clearly sets the theme and impacts how guests feel and even act,” he says. “That’s why it’s so important for hotel owners and interior designers to be mindful of the emotion of the experience when designing any type of property. For our rooms specifically, we conducted a broad range of research into the overlays of color theory and color dynamics to settle on the designs.”

Ultimately, the team selected colors and went deep to tap into the emotional connection of each one. “We wanted to have four fundamental colors — but which ones? We looked across the spectrum, researching everything [about how] primary [main] colors (yellow, blue, red and green) corresponded with the attributes of the hotel rooms: happiness, tranquility, passion, and rejuvenation.”

Blue Loft Suite Angard Arts Hotel Alise OBrien

Smith said the hotel then partnered with artists whose work aligned not only with the chosen colors but also with their associated mood. A yellow room designed for happiness called for collaborating with an artist who specifically used yellow tones in their work — along with happy messaging in their pieces, for instance. “This created an authentic cohesion between the artist, emotion, and content of the rooms, something we designed to be a deeply engaging experience for guests,” he said.

Smith said the results speak for themselves: “By the end of a stay, each guest will feel the full effect of their room — be it happiness, rejuvenation, passion, or tranquility.”

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Good to know: The Angad Arts Hotel, which opens its doors in November 2018, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in St. Louis and sits in the heart of the city’s Grand Center Arts District. With 146 rooms (including 38 suites and 25 rooms with kitchens), you can truly travel colorfully when enjoying a happy BFF getaway (yellow), relaxing creative retreat (blue), business trip (green), or romantic celebration with your S.O. (red).

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(Photos via Alise OBrien/Angad Arts Hotel)