Hey, Kristin here, Head of Video at Brit + Co. I鈥檓 usually behind-the-scenes making moving pictures and imagining up new video concepts with our growing team (BTW, we鈥檙e hiring)! Today, I鈥檓 writing my first post because I have some exciting news to share. I鈥檓 secretly hoping you have confetti poppers and a big bowl of popcorn 鈥 tell me you do 鈥 because I鈥檓 ready for us to celebrate and, possibly, binge watch.

For several months, our team has been working at Brit + Co Studios to develop a slate of original video content. Today, we鈥檙e introducing four new shows, and this is only the tip of the iceberg for what鈥檚 to come in 2016.

Guess what? There鈥檚 more! Drumroll . . .

Introducing the new Brit + Co video hub! Now, you can make one pitstop to peruse our latest programming. Side note: For those of you who like to get your dose of Brit + Co on Facebook and YouTube, expect a regular drip of all of our new stuff there too.

Now for the scoop on our lineup:

Make it Happen

Make it Happen is an intimate docu-style profile series that explores the lives of creatively courageous women from all walks of life who have taken big leaps 鈥 sometimes with great hesitation, sometimes with great optimism 鈥 to realize their dreams. Over the next four weeks, the first four episodes will roll out to mark the beginning of a Brit + Co anthem collection that broadly examines what kind of chutzpah it really takes to make your 鈥渋t鈥 happen. Prepare to be inspired! Personally, I鈥檓 most proud of how this collection will peel back our layers as a brand to reveal the Brit + Co ethos and eros in a thoughtful, genuine way, all through the voices of our creative community.

Episode 1: Meet Sophia Amoruso, the OG #girlboss, the nasty gal of Nasty Gal. It takes a special woman to turn a passion for thrifting into an edgy fashion empire, but she鈥檚 definitely making it happen!

Episode 2: Meet Kina Grannis, a singer/songwriter who originally questioned her own talents but found stardom after toiling over a creative project that eventually ignited YouTube. Nothing is impossible!

Episode 3: Meet MissMe, a street artist who left her plush life in advertising to uncover personal truth at whatever cost. If you thought you couldn鈥檛 quit your day job to pursue your art, you were wrong.

Episode 4: Meet Nina Tandon, a scientist who is blazing big paths by using human cells to grow bone. You heard it here first, this girl is a game changer for the future of science. More girl scientists, please!

The How聽To聽Video Series


The How To is a regular dose of DIY fun. This is a colorful, quirky hands-only edutainment show that will unlock your creativity, literally. In each episode, we鈥檒l show you how to make something new in less than a minute. Here鈥檚 the ultra cool part: Every project is doable in under thirty minutes. So, hey, busy girl, now there are no excuses. Creative workouts every day! Gym, creativity, laundry (#GCL? lol). Just do it!

The What What


The What What is a rundown on what we鈥檙e into each week. This is a video that had to happen. What took us so long??? In less than a minute, we鈥檒l share our top five need-to-knows across categories like style, pop culture, creativity and, of course, girl power. Keep your eyes peeled for it on Facebook!


If you鈥檙e looking for recommendations on how to kick off this viewing party with a bang, I鈥檇 recommend queuing up Give It a Week, the newest of our iconic #IAMCREATIVE videos. This is actually the second installment in a semi-annual special series. It鈥檚 pretty rad. Basically, our team conducts real-world social-psych experiments that immerse women in unique creative experiences, just to see what happens. In case you鈥檙e wondering, yasss, it鈥檚 super fun for our team to produce these. The debut episode, Born Creative, placed adults and children in the same room to explore what really happens to our creativity as we grow up. This time around, we surprised self-professed 鈥渦ncreative鈥 women with a box of art supplies and asked them to spend one uninterrupted hour playing every day for a week. The results will surprise you! Tissues optional. It may make you cry. Don鈥檛 say I didn鈥檛 warn you.


A little (but BIG) reminder: Brit + Co Studios will continue to pump out more of the online classes you love. We鈥檙e laser focused on growing a highly-curated portfolio of fun, approachable skills-based classes. Last year, we hit the ground running with this. Since then, we鈥檝e partnered with expert instructors from around the country to develop dozens of 101 classes like calligraphy, watercolor, HTML and photography. This summer, we started building a dedicated team to grow this operation even further. By early 2016 we鈥檒l have 50 classes available here in our聽shop. Woot! (P.S. There might be some extra special launches on the way).

I鈥檓 proud of how far we鈥檝e come and so stoked for all that鈥檚 in store. Here鈥檚 to experimenting with new stuff! Starting now, your job is to help us understand what resonates most with you. We can鈥檛 wait for your feedback. Give us the real talk. That鈥檚 what鈥檚 going to help us move you toward a more creative 鈥 and ultimately rewarding 鈥 life.

Alright, turn down the lights, pop the confetti poppers and the popcorn. Start watching here.

Share your feedback with us below! What do you want to see more of? What is your favorite episode so far?