Who hasn’t dreamt about living in a house epic enough to get its own episode of Cribs? Nobody, that’s who. We’ve all done it. And while owning one of the ultra-luxe mansions of Hollywood’s rich and famous may not be part of our foreseeable future, we can still copy some of the style we’ve spotted in their homes. Lucky for us, Anthropologie has just made it super easy to give our home a quick celeb upgrade with their newest collaboration.

The super sought-after British rug designer Luke Irwin has teamed up with Anthro to create four rugs that feature Swedish geometrics and Indo-Tibetan abstract prints. You can find Irwin’s rugs in the homes of every celeb from Kate Middleton to Barack Obama to The Rolling Stones.

The four gorgeous rugs are currently available to order online today. While they’re every bit as beautiful and sophisticated as you might expect, they’re not super cheap. Okay, they’re not cheap at all. Each rug is available in five different sizes and range in price from $1,998 to $10,998. So, if you were deciding whether or not to buy a new car or a pretty rug, it looks like decision time is now.

What’s your favorite rug from this line? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Anthropologie)