As far as tech goes, we got a lot of great news this week. You did hear about all those new iOS devices and emoji, right?! But what about the stuff that fills our smartphones and makes them better? You know, the apps! Check out five of the best this week below, then go buy some extra storage space if you have to, because you鈥檙e gonna want need all of 鈥檈m.

hopper app

1.聽Hopper: This super convenient and user-friendly airfare price predictor app is now available on Android (YAY!). With this app, you can track the ever-changing cost of a ticket to your set destination for any week of the year, and now you can also purchase those tickets directly within the app using your airline鈥檚 rewards program of choice without ever leaving Hopper. Booking vacations just got聽way cheaper and more efficient鈥 finally.

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angellist app

2.聽AngelList: If you鈥檙e looking for a new opportunity and want to take a risk by joining a startup company, you鈥檒l want to DL this one. If you鈥檙e someone already at a startup looking for new members of your team, you鈥檒l also want to DL this. It鈥檚 full of high-quality candidates and next-level startup job opportunities, and all you鈥檝e gotta do is swipe right Tinder style and you鈥檒l get introduced to the right people, leading to an upgrade in your professional life in no time.

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fireside app

3.聽Fireside: Every single podcast lover needs this app for audio discovery and a sense of podcast community STAT. Join this social podcast community to be introduced to a world full of podcast recommendations, connect聽with creators and listeners and even make soundbites to share with your BFFs to further encourage (aka beg) them to tune in to your go-to audio shows.

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hyper app

4.聽Hyper: Consume your content via video instead of through聽reading? Appease your iPad 鈥 and yourself 鈥 with this mag app that provides a variety of content in the form of videos in a daily, clutter-free way. Absorb it聽daily, then share your visual magazine finds with your friends so that everyone in your life can聽have an entertaining, in-the-know commute.

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paper app

5.聽Paper: It鈥檚 time to bid adieu to your messy collection of sticky notes with this app, which will replace all those pieces of paper beautifully. With the ability to collect all of your notes, sketches and photos all in one space while also creating checklists, spotlighting details in photos and so much more, your pre-morning meeting prep work just got聽way聽more high tech 鈥 and isn鈥檛 that what everyone wants?!

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What was your favorite app of the week? Let us know in the comments.