Yesterday was a huuuge day for Apple. They held their fall event (which we live blogged about, so you can check it out) at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF and made some 鈥渕onster announcements鈥 鈥 their words 鈥 about the iPhone 6S, the brand new iPad Pro and the better-than-ever Apple TV. Ack! They also released the iOS 9.1 beta to developers yesterday, and guess what? The rumors were correct. There ARE new emojis.

IMG_7281 (1)

We鈥檙e not entirely sure if these are all of them, but it鈥檚 pretty darn close. As you can see, the burrito, the lion (perhaps in response to the whole Cecil thing?) and poppin鈥 champagne bottles are聽now in the emoji cannon. Also in there are thinking face, sick face, various weather systems and even hole in the ground. There鈥檚 even an emoji for聽middle finger (eek) now, which seems like it would be hard to take seriously.


Naturally, with all these new emoji at your fingertips, it鈥檚 only right to start spamming your friends.

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