My beauty confession: I ditched my expensive face toner for an apple cider vinegar beauty routine, and I absolutely swear by it. I’m always down to experiment with my skincare regimen, so I was totally on board when my twin sister Abby told me this stuff had straight up changed her skin for the better (it also got super high praise from our resident beauty DIYer, Misty Spinney). I had to give it a try — especially since I’ve been devoted to pricey toner for quite some time, and my wallet could use a break.


Immediately after switching to ACV to tone my skin, I was hooked. It’s natural and so much gentler than the stuff I was using before. While it does have a pretty distinct smell (it is straight up vinegar after all), I don’t hate it, and/or I got used to it after a while.


Beyond saving me major money (a big bottle costs about $5!), using ACV as a toner made a lot of sense for my skin. I have combination skin (I’m so LUCKY to get the best/worst of both worlds, meh!) so the acidity in the vinegar works wonderfully to balance out oily areas without further drying areas that need moisture. It also shrinks and tightens your pores — a main function of face toner — which is something we’re all after.

Where You Can Find It: I highly recommend using raw, unfiltered, organic ACV (Bragg is my fave brand). You can find it at most major grocery stores.

Who Should Use It: Obviously, using ACV as face toner won’t work well for everyone; we all have different skin, so what works for me might not work for you. If you have any combination of oily, dull and/or scarred skin (from sun spots or acne), you should give ACV a try. It sloughs away dead skin, leaving your face smoother and brighter. It can also help to lighten the appearance of scarred skin.


How You Should Use It: You can use it straight from the bottle like I do, or cut it with a bit of water to make it less intense, if you have sensitive skin. Experiment with the proportions until you find one that doesn’t irritate your skin but still gets the job done! Simply apply it to a cotton ball and swipe it over your whole face or just areas that need clarifying. If the smell gets to you, after applying the ACV go over your face with a cotton ball and a bit of water.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: It’s an affordable, all-natural product that improved my skin. It works better than store-bought toners, and it makes me feel better that I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin instead of blindly using a concoction of chemicals. ACV has definitely earned a permanent spot in my bathroom cabinet and kitchen pantry.

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