We tuned in to WWDC hoping we would get some answers about the iPhone 6 and the Apple iWatch. But alas, we were left with nothing but questions, a big problem for some that鈥檚 just a little challenge for we, the rumor sniffer outters who can鈥檛 stop, won鈥檛 stop finding every mockup and likely-true suspicion the Internet has to offer. Today, we are serving up a fresh slice of Apple wearable news, with a sprinkling of specs and a scoop of when exactly you can expect to strap that bad boy (or gal) on your wrist.

1. The watch includes (more than) 10 sensors: Health, fitness, physical activity, biometrics and bodily functions 鈥 a slew of sensors are expected to be embedded in Apple鈥檚 smartwatch in order to track and monitor the data your body is producing. Expect a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, maybe something to take your body鈥檚 temp, another to provide direction and GPS functions, but with over 10?! It鈥檚 time to think bigger鈥 like maybe a sensor that can tell you when you鈥檙e dehydrated? Forget apps, there will soon be a sensor 鈥渇or that.鈥

2. Your morning jog could charge it: A wearable should be wearable for more than a few hours without having to stop and plug it in. Otherwise, that little lifesaver on your arm is going to feel like a heavy inconvenience. Apple has long tinkered with solar charging batteries for their mobile devices and even the MacBook 鈥 so what about their watch? The Times reported that the company was also testing new ways to power it up using motion (that鈥檚 one way to motivate you to put the 鈥渁ctivity鈥 in your tracker!), the sun鈥檚 rays or inductive charging. We鈥檒l take all, thanks!

3. We could see a true first look next month: While the expected launch isn鈥檛 until later this year (October, perhaps) the device might go into production as early as July, which means we鈥檙e due for a real deal sneak peek in mere weeks.

4. There will be an iWatch for all: Apple has a lot to prove with their highly-anticipated wearable entering a low-performing market that has seen just-okay sales, a giant recall and one of its biggest contenders axed. Rumors has it that the watch will come in different sizes, shapes and price points. So rumors of a round-face watch and those of a banded version could both be true. And that all means鈥

5. The iWatch may be wearable after all: Especially with the huge success of Ringly (who hit their presale goal of $60,000 in under eight hours on their launch day) and new fashion-friendly wearables like Beacon & Lively buzzing onto the scene, it鈥檚 important for Apple to bring us something that we all want to wear. And, yes, by 鈥渨e,鈥 we mean women. We鈥檙e not willing to settle for another Glass situation up in here. But with different price points, and a whole ton of size and function speculation, all rumors are pointing toward a fashion-forward option.

Where do you stand on wearables? Would Apple鈥檚 be your first or are you already a wearable wearer? Share your thoughts with us below!

(Photos: Martin Hajek)