April is finally here, which means no more cold temperatures (*fingers crossed*) and 10 brand new Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to get excited about! We saw a lot of fantastic potential last month — remember the world’s best travel jeans from our March Kickstarter roundup? — and the great ideas just keep coming. From vegan skincare to edible cutlery, we can’t wait to support these crowdfunding efforts.


1. Drifter Organics: Offering organic, gluten-free and vegan skincare products, Drifter Organics is hoping to revise the phrase “You are what you eat” to include “You are what you apply to your skin.” Whether you’re a strict vegan or simply want to make your daily routine a little more conscious and eco-friendly, this body butter’s for you. Pledge $25 to score a four-ounce jar in the scent of your choice (retail $45), plus the Nature Looks Good on You ebook.


2. Kær’s Happiest Raincoat EVER: Rainy days just got a whole lot brighter thanks to this Kær raincoat. Lovingly made in Brooklyn from rain-resistant laminated linen/cotton, these jackets are stylishly bold and can add the perfect pop of color to a gloomy day. Pledge $65, and “You’ll pretty much be paying just for the materials: we’ll cut & sew it for you for free, because you’re that awesome.” Yes, please! The only hard part is choosing which original print we like the most.


3. Bakeys Edible Cutlery: Picture this: You’ve just finished enjoying your favorite scoop of ice cream, and now you either have to throw away your spoon or wash it. But what if you could eat it? Bakeys has created the world’s first edible cutlery made of rice, wheat and sorghum flour. Each utensil is fully vegan and preservative-free, so it can be used — and eaten — by anyone. Not only is this a fun idea, but it’s a great way to reduce plastic waste. At three million spoons, they’ll begin to invest in chopsticks and forks, too. Go on, spend $10 and you’ll receive 100 edible spoons in return.


4. Tarot of Cocktails: This isn’t your average collection of tarot cards. No, it’s actually a curated collection of 30 amazing drink recipes meant to please all kinds of tastes and palates. Featuring tarot-inspired illustrations and craft cocktail recipes, each of the 30 cards is more beautiful than the last, and the recipes all sound like a dream. For just $20, you can score your new favorite party treat. Talk about a steal!


5. Fontus — The Self-Filling Water Bottle: It sounds a bit like science fiction, but Fontus has designed a water bottle that refills itself while you’re on the go. That means never again having to worry about running out of water or being weighed down by bottles as you set out on that hiking/biking/you-name-it adventure. How does it work? Basically, the bottle “was designed to capture the moisture contented in the air, condense it and store it as safe drinking water.” $165 is what you’ll have to invest to get your hands on the world’s first self-filling water bottle.


6. KAISR Inflatable Air Lounge: We can already see ourselves lounging on one of these giant pillows come summer. Traveling to the beach has always meant bringing along chairs or making due with towels — until now. The KAISR Original is lightweight, super easy to pack and “You only need two scoops of air and you’re ready for relaxation.” Bring it with you to the park, set it up on your balcony, float on it in the pool — the possibilities are endless, and you’ll want to take advantage of them all. Choose your two fave colors for $148.


7. TerraSphere Zero: Self-Sustaining Terrariums: Love the idea of having a little greenery in your apartment or on your desk at work, but not stoked about maintaining it? Then you’ll definitely want one — or two — of these beautiful glass terrariums. With cute little moss balls, plants, rocks and sand, they’re the ultimate touch of zen. Bonus: They can last for years without any maintenance because they clean and feed themselves. This magic can be yours with a pledge starting at only $12!


8. Air Case — The World’s Thinnest Battery Phone Case: Double your phone’s battery life with the thinnest and lightest battery case on the market. Adding only 3.8 mm to your iPhone, you’ll likely forget it’s even there as soon as you put it on. Compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 6+ and 6S Plus, it’ll hook you up with 12 hours of extra talk time and eight hours of extra Internet time. Yes, you do need it for festival season. Even more exciting is the price: Air Case costs just $39.


9. Banjo and Luna the Unicorgi plush by Squidbrains: OK, so this one’s a little silly, but there’s no denying how adorable these stuffed animals are. “Banjo and Luna the unicorgi want to wiggle their way into your heart in a cute and cuddly plush form!” We have to admit we love both of them. If you’ve always wanted a dog, consider these fluffballs instead. They’ll set you back $25 — totally worth it, right?! Plus, you’ll also get a cute signed and numbered adoption certificate.


10. Woollip Travel Pillow: Trying to fall asleep on a plane is hard enough — waking up with pain in your neck and back because of the funny pose you had to strike is even worse. Welcome Woollip, your travel sleep savior! With a design inspired by portable massage chairs, “Woollip is an innovative frontal travel pillow that will allow you to find your ideal sleeping position.” No matter if you’re in the aisle, window or middle, all you have to do is unfold it, inflate it with five puffs of air and sleep. We’d spend €23 (or the equivalent of $26) for that kind of comfort!

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