Drew Tyndell is one of those people who seems to be good at everything. By day, he’s a freelance animation director for clients like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. In his spare time, he uses painted wood blocks to make incredible pieces of art in the shape of houses.

His pieces are so stunning that we’ll excuse him for showing the rest of us up as we struggle to decide on a filter for our latest Instagram upload.

Tyndell’s series is inspired by his father, who builds houses. Growing up, Tyndell would accompany his dad to job sites and build his own miniature houses with scrap wood and other material.

Though each piece is made with the same materials, their uniqueness reminds you that there’s something special about everyone’s home. We think one of these pieces would make a lovely gift for someone who’s in the midst of repairing a fixer upper.

Do any of these pieces remind you of your home? Tell it to us in the comments below!