Ariana Grande is used to taking things a little further in every aspect of her life. From gender-inclusive fragrances to hairbrush highlights, she knows how to keep on top of the next best step. With her mesmerizingly dark eyes and sleek pulled-back hair, not to mention her kickass talent, she’s always one to watch. But now the singer has us blinking twice with a move as shocking as it is striking. Ariana has dyed her hair blonde and is nearly unrecognizable. Seriously, this is a jaw-dropping change.

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Ditching both her naturally dark shade and signature ponytail, the 22-year-old posted a pic of herself to Instagram as she strikes a pose showing off her stunning new look. Her long (much lighter!) hair is pulled over one shoulder while the other side is tucked behind her ear, and WOW does she ever look different.

Posting a second pic (which includes some adorable filter additions), you can see Ariana totally pulling off the lighter shade that stays away from the classic platinum or on-trend icy-blonde, instead opting for an ombre effect, easing into the shade on top before taking it up a notch at the ends of her super-straight locks.

It may be a shock, but she sure is slaying the new color.

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