As we prepare for another round of rose ceremonies, last season’s Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., is gearing up for marriage and fatherhood. The season 22 star and his fiancée, Lauren Burnham, who announced in November that they’re expecting their first child together next year, shared an update about Burnham’s pregnancy and their unborn baby, who’s getting bigger every day.

“My 17 week b-day falls on Christmas and I’ve been getting so many presents! So this week I’m the size of a turnip or a pomegranate! I like to think of myself as a turnip this week because I think of the leaves as hair and that makes me laugh,” the couple captioned a December 25 post on behalf of “Baby Luyendyk,” who already has a dedicated Instagram account.

“Yesterday Mom’s friend had a baby and we went to see him,” the note continued. “Don’t know if I’m looking forward to the whole birth thing yet but I have time to warm up to it. So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I grew a lot this week and now my little skeleton is forming from cartilage into bone and getting harder. I’m moving around more and more.”

The message also included an update about an exciting milestone: “Mom felt me kick for the first time and I’m planning on doing that some more, gotta stay active, ya know? That’s all for now but I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there and talk to you next week.”

Burnham and Luyendyk have been posting weekly updates on the baby since announcing the pregnancy in November. Burnham is due to give birth in June, six months after the couple’s January 12 wedding in Maui, Hawaii.

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(photo via Presley Ann/Getty Images)