Ever wonder what the secret ingredient is to James Franco’s famous PB&J? Or what acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman whips up for breakfast on a slow Sunday morning? Natalie Eve Garrett’s new book, The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook offers up all that information and more. The artist and writer teamed up with illustrator Amy Jean Porter to create a stunning new cookbook which shares recipes and food stories straight from the kitchen of some of your favorite celebrities and artists.


Throughout the stunningly illustrated pages you’ll find recipes from 76 contemporary influencers like Anthony Doerr (author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All the Light We Cannot See) and Lev Grossman.


Garrett and Porter’s creation is inspired by the 1961 book of the same name. This updated version features artists who might be more relevant to you than the original and illustrations that beg you to leave the book open on your kitchen counter even on the days when you’ve resorted to take-out.

The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $23, and officially comes out on October 11. Oh, and spoiler alert, James Franco’s secret PB&J ingredient: pickles. Yum?

(Photos via The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook: A Collection of Stories with Recipes © 2016, edited by Natalie Eve Garrett, illustrated by Amy Jean Porter, published by powerHouse Books)