Illustrator, animator and Instagram stop motion extraordinaire Rachel Ryle is going from Instagram star (361K followers and counting… we’re not jealous or anything) to the hot shot hands behind Starbucks’s viral clip. Starbucks asked Ryle, “#Whatwouldyoudo if you won #StarbucksForLife?” This was her response:

Yup. Ryle stop motioned a caramel macchiato and cake pop party complete with a huge pile of whipped cream and gold-star confetti. We’re hoping that if she wasn’t on your Insta radar before that she is now.

What makes Ryle’s work so immersive is that, with the art of stop motion, she brings her flat illustrations to life and goes from drawing them to picking them up and interacting with them. One of her most-liked pieces was from Halloween when she did a tribute to Thriller. Take a look the final piece:

Her feed is kind of like scrolling through the best pop-up book ever. What start off as doodles grow into full stories with music and everything. Here are some more of our favorites:

1. Gone to Germany: Sure we’ll tag along for beer and a homemade pretzel. How did she roll that dough anyway?

2. Piña Coladas: What do you you think about us hiring Rachel to animate all of our DIYs like this?

3. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel: So impressive! Did you see how she lit those markers on fire?

4. Brunch Time: Of course the best way to brunch is at your own café with bottomless mimosas.

5. One Year Anniversary: This woman throws our kind of party. The more confetti the better. Be sure to follow Rachel for more stellar animations.

What would you like to see Rachel Ryle animate? Let us know in the comments!