Stop motion animation is not easy — just ask the guys at Robot Chicken. It takes over a year to create 20 episodes! The show has been going strong since 2005, so they’re about as expert as it gets, and now they’re ready to make you one, passing on what they’ve learned through an online course.

The production company that makes Robot Chicken, Stoopid Buddy Studios, announced at New York Comic Con on Thursday that they’ll be partnering with Vimeo to make the classes happen. It’ll be called the Stoopid Buddy Film School. It’s a funny name, but get ready for some serious learning.

The course will consist of two hours of online primers that can be standalone classes for the curious or a supplement to the eight-week courses for the committed. Students tuning in will learn the fundamentals of stop motion animation by bringing still objects to life through minute, frame-by-frame adjustments. It’s a little more tedious than making a GIF… okay, it’s a lot more tedious. But it’s totally worth it! Maybe you could make the next Nightmare Before Christmas.

Schools that teach stop motion animation are few and far between, so this class could give you the kind of info and experience that’s hard to find — even at universities. The folks at Stoopid told Mashable: “The training our animation class provides will give aspiring animation professionals the tools to get animation jobs or improve their own personal films.”

The course videos will be available on Vimeo starting December 14 at $100 for a digital download or $80 for a streaming 30-day rental. You can pre-order now here.

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(h/t Mashable)