We taught you how to show off your sign with DIY Zodiac constellation wall art a while back, and now we’re back to help you accessorize with your astrological sign. Whether you’re an Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius, you’ll be able to express yourself with these necklaces, bracelets, rings and bags. Our personal faves are the customizable brass cuff and the zodiac print leather clutch. And remember, you can always layer and mix and match accessories to really flaunt your zodiac pride.

1. Leo Stud Earrings ($14): These brass earrings are fierce. Gift them to your Leo friend, or keep them for yourself if you rock the the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac.

2. Zodiac Print Leather Clutch ($83): Snatch up this beauty while it’s on sale! It’s handmade with a suede-lined interior.

3. Brushed Brass Cuff ($35): This sleek bracelet shines bright like the stars in the sky. Plus it’s stamped with a 3-letter abbreviation for the astrological sign of your choice.

4. Zodiac Disc Studs ($15): Want something a little more understated? Opt for these sweet and simple studs made with cubic zirconia.

5. Gold-Filled Constellation Necklace ($68): This shiny disc necklace comes in various lengths. Wear it high as a simple-yet-elegant gold accessory, or as a layering pendant.

6. Constellation Brass Disc Earrings ($45): We totally dig these earrings, especially in copper. Make sure to specify a diameter when you order these beauties.

7. Sagittarius Constellation Necklace ($42): The astrological constellations have been mapped out to create these gorgeous pieces. We can’t decide if we want a gold-filled or sterling silver one.

8. Constellation Wrap Bracelet ($35): We love the color of this leather wrap bracelet. Major bonus: The disc is made of aluminum, so it won’t tarnish.

9. Zodiac Constellation Pendant ($38): This bold pendant from Bauble Bar will have heads turning.

10. Custom Wide Metal Aluminum Rings ($27): These lightweight and durable rings are a great him + her option for couples into astrology.

11. Taurus Necklace ($47): Wear your horns proudly, oh loyal and determined Taurus.

12. Customized Astrological Cuff Bracelet ($50): Customize a cuff for yourself or a loved one. It’s as easy as picking a finish and an astrological symbol.

13. Stamped Zodiac Necklace ($18): We love the simplicity of this square Urban Outfitters’ zodiac necklace. Layer it up with some other necklaces for a boho-chic vibe.

14. Zodiac Ring ($28): Stack this simple, sterling silver zodiac ring with other bands, or wear it solo to showcase your sign.

15. Delicate Zodiac Bracelets ($32): These lovelies come in 14k gold fill, sterling silver and rose gold. We’ll take one of each, please.

16. Aquarius Tote Bag ($12): This cotton tote comes in every astrological sign. Use it to grocery shop, or make it your weekend knock-around bag.

17. Kate Spade Zodiac Bangle ($58): We love love love bangles. And we definitely love the bold color of this enamel-filled arm candy.

18. Sagittarius iPhone Case ($16): There’s no easier way to rep your astrological sign than by snapping on this iPhone case. And if you haven’t picked up the iPhone 6 yet, don’t sweat it — it comes in various sizes AND colors.

How will you accessorize with your astrological sign? Tell us below!