Have we mentioned how much we love the messy hair trend? Gone are the days when updos were stiff, formal affairs. Now, we can rock them all day, err day with ease and a little hairspray. We’d have to say boho chic is the look of the moment. So if Nicole Richie or the Olsen twins are your style inspirations, read on for 18 ‘dos that channel their aesthetic.

1. DIY Gold Stitch Updo: Weave metallic thread through your hair for a look that’s both ethereal and goddess-like. We’ll be Artemis, please. (via Once Wed)

2. Fancy Ponytail: Tie your hair into a textured pony that’ll make anyone jealous. (via Irrelephant)

3. Bohemian Wedding Hair: As if the braided knot wasn’t gorgeous enough, up your hair game with some flowers for a look that’s formal and fun. (via Join the Mood)

4. Beach-Ready Messy Milk Braids: Our beach days may be behind us for this year, but milkmaid braids def are not. (via The Wonder Forest)

5. Turban Updo: A velvet turban makes this look both retro and fun. We love the combo of the straight bangs and curls. (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Effortlessly Tousled: What, this? We just threw this up right before you got here! Don’t let anything make you sweat with this easy updo. (via Brit + Co)

7. Flower Headband Wrap: Day 1: A bohemian rolled updo, complete with flower headband. Day 2: Effortless headband curls. (via Holly Le Rose)

8. Romantic Boho Lace Braid Updo: Braids and messy knots are the two ingredients in a perfect boho updo. The offset look of this one provides drama and ease. (via The Wonder Forest)

9. Rope Braid Chignon: The Beauty Department never lets us down. Rope braids couldn’t be easier to master, and that chignon looks like a breeze. (via The Beauty Department)

10. Perfect Messy Bun: Top knots are so easy it’s almost criminal. But when topped with a flower chain, they’re a boho lover’s dream. (via The Freckled Fox)

11. The Triple Twist: Twist, pin. Twist, pin. Twist, pin. Voila! A gorgeous and effortless updo! (via The Small Things Blog)

12. Messy Fishtail Bun: You may have whipped up a messy fishtail braid this morning, but it’s NBD. Those wispy pieces totally make the look. (via Join the Mood)

13. Looped Updo: This is totally a look we would have rocked as kids, and we’ll still rock it now. (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Bohemian Twist: We loved that rolled headband trick from #7 so much, we’re giving you another take on it. (via The Merry Thought)

15. Big, Messy Updo: Boho doesn’t have to mean casual, as this big, pinned curl look proves it. Rock it at your wedding, or brunch with your besties. (via The Wedding Chicks)

16. Boho Chic Pony: Messy pony = happy life. The curls falling out and the teasing at the crown are basically everything we’re looking for in a ponytail. (via Ma Nouvelle Mode)

17. Scarf Updo: We clearly love incorporating outside objects into our hairstyles, and this scarf is no exception. (via Latest Hairstyles)

18. Messy Knotted Bun: Start with texture, add a pinned bun and crown braids, and you’ve got yourself one killer boho look. (via Tessa Rayanne)

Is boho style your current inspiration? How do you rock the look on the daily? Share below or tweet us a street style pic @BritAndCo!