Go ahead, you can admit it, this is a safe place… you want the prettiest wedding band out there. We totally agree, which is why we’re crushing on rose gold. This blush-colored shade adds a feminine glow to everything from accessories to home goods. So we’ve found the best and loveliest wedding bands that are as timeless as yellow or white gold, while still keeping things a tad unconventional — just the way we like it.

1. 6-Diamond Band ($350): For the woman who simply can’t get enough diamonds, this 14k rose gold band is studded with 0.18 carats of extra bling.

2. Fingerprint Ring (price upon request): We love the tradition of engraving a special secret message inside the wedding band, but this custom fingerprinted style is the ultimate personalized accessory.

3. Paloma Picasso Hammered Ring ($1,350): 18k of rose gold perfectly polka-dotted and hammered by hand… you can always count on Tiffany to impress.

4. Tiffany T Wire Ring ($1,500): Here’s another modern 18k Tiffany ring that’s much more linear and gives a subtle nod to the popular jeweler.

5. Twist Stacking Band ($250): To put a unique “twist” on the infinity symbol, stack this 14k rose gold wire with your engagement ring.

6. Tiny Sheaves Pave Band ($1,100): You don’t always have to go big. This sleek band manages to fit so much beauty into just 2mm, including white diamonds, 14k rose gold, art deco influence and a sheaves of wheat pattern (which often represents the circle of life).

7. Solid Hammered Band ($169): When you’re looking to add texture to your band without adding more diamonds (or more money), the hammered rose gold route is beautiful. Bonus: This one is made from recycled gold.

8. Rough Diamond Ring ($699): Skip the fancy polished cuts and rock a unique diamond like this to symbolize the way you embrace life with your beloved — rough edges and all.

9. Thin Chevron Ring ($385): Whether you’re looking to find a stacking ring that will accommodate that huge engagement rock or choose a band that will stun all on its own, this non-traditional chevron style is totally on-trend.

10. Open Pave Ring ($506): Sure, traditionally wedding rings were worn to represent eternity, but hey, since when have you been a traditional kind of gal? Go ahead and break the circle.

11. Trillion Diamond Ring ($450): Stack away with a delicate triangle diamond. And don’t worry, it’s only a trillion cut, not a trillion dollars.

12. Moissanite Satellite Ring ($1,398): Here’s another solitaire option perfect for pairing with simpler engagement rings. You get views of the diamond from all sides, making it a sparkler you’ll want to show off for the entire reception.

13. Double Spiral Ring ($1,045): Love stacking rings? Duh, so do we! These gorgeous rose gold-plated bands will complement your ring finger and the other colorful designs you love to wear.

14. Ruby Stacking Band ($678): With five exquisite rubies and 14k rose gold, this is the type of gorgeous heirloom that grandmothers hand down for generations.

15. Black Diamond Band Ring ($760): Planning on rocking a black wedding dress? We adore the idea of softening the effect with rose gold accessories, and this studded wedding band completes the look.

16. Pave Diamonds Crown Ring ($1,100): A special 18k band like this one mimicking a sunrise will truly be the crowning jewel to your wedding day ensemble.

17. Twenty Ten Diamond Ring ($835): Delicate fingers need a delicate ring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a big ol’ diamond.

18. Rose Gold Set ($567): Check it out, two for the price of one! For the couple that truly complements each other, these matching smooth solid bands are right on the money.

19. Champagne Diamond Solitaire + Micro Pave Eternity Band Set ($1,990): If you decided not to spring for an engagement ring, you can still treat yourself to the stacked look with a set like this. We really love the feminine and timeless look of the champagne diamond in a rose gold setting.

20. Pear Diamond Ring With Pave Diamonds Crown Ring ($3,800): Last but most definitely not least (it has the biggest price tag of the bunch), this set is made for a woman who knows what she wants. Take the guesswork out of finding a matching pair of rings and eliminate a step in wedding planning. Win win!

Which of these bands will have you embracing the rose gold wedding trend? Ring in with your favorite below!