Be the Avocado Toast You Always Order for Halloween This Year
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Be the Avocado Toast You Always Order for Halloween This Year

When it comes to Halloween, at B+C we are — no surprise — all about making your own costume. It is so much more rewarding and gives you the creative freedom to be literally anything your heart can dream of. During a brainstorm, we came up with the glorious idea to be an all-time crowd pleaser, AVOCADO TOAST! Everyone loooooves it; I mean, whats not to love about avos and freshly baked bread?

Avocado toast with extra Sriracha, please!

The bread of this toasty deliciousness is made out of two large foam core poster boards, which can be found at any office supply store. Cut out the two slices of bread using an X-ACTO knife for precision. Then, trim a light tan felt to be slightly larger than the poster board, so that you can wrap it around the edges. Using a hot glue gun, adhere the felt to the board and trim the excess.

To make the crust, cut out two-inch strips of a darker tan felt and adhere around the sides of the bread. Where the crust curves, I used multiple strips to create an arch. Attach the two pieces of bread together with felt straps.

To make these avocado slices, you’ll need about one yard of light green felt, a darker green spray paint, a lighter green spray paint, pillow stuffing, and hot glue. Cut out two equal size pieces of felt in an avocado slice shape, and make several pairs of slices incrementally larger. Glue the two equal pieces together almost all the way shut, leaving a small space to put in pillow stuffing. Stuff it all the way full and glue the remainder shut, and you have yourself an avocado slice!

Once you’ve made all of your slices, spray paint them to make them look lifelike. Dust a small amount of the darker green spray paint around the top of the slice and the lighter green spray paint along the bottom of the slice. TA-DA! Avocado slices, complete!

The avocado headband is fashioned out of felt and hot glue. **Avocado earrings not included in costume**

Better start training now — everyone will want to eat you! :)

Next-level flying avocado toast brought to you by our A+ model, Torii!

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