When you have a bundle of joy on the way, like our very own Brit Morin, picking a baby name can be a stressful endeavor. From family input to thinking of all the potential rhyming scenarios that might take place on the playground in years to come, it’s tough. Plus, tech savvy parents-to-be know the next generation of kiddos need a unique moniker to stake their claim on the interwebs. Well, awesomebabyname.com is here to save the baby-naming day!

When Karen Cheng knew she never stood a chance at owning karencheng.com, she pledged that her future children would not be subject to the same fate, and she’d ensure this by making sure the domain is available before naming her child. After her friend Finbarr Taylor joked that there should be a website for that, awesomebabyname.com was born.

Have a few options but want to ensure something unique? Or just need a boost for ideas? Enter your last name, select a gender and bam! A list of available URLs will appear to help find a unique name for your little ma’am or mister. The first 10 names are free, but you can land a list of 100 suggestions for just $3.

What do you think? Do you care about claiming your little one’s URL before they can even say their ABCs? Share your thoughts below!