If you’ve ever seen a baby trying to eat cake (or pretty much anything) on their first birthday, you know it can get pretty messy. Luckily, that’s the whole idea behind cake smash photos: Set a kids’ birthday cake in front of your little one and keep a camera at the ready for the adorably momentous occasion. To help you take your cake smash photos to the next level, we’ve rounded up the cutest and most creative photo shoots to inspire yours. Here are 13 super *sweet* cake smash ideas to inspire the most Instagrammable first birthday ever.

Carissa Lemonade

1. Lemonade Stand: Chloe’s lemonade stand might just give Queen Bey’s “Lemonade” a run for her money. Just look at those chubby cheeks! If your little one is sweet enough to make you *pucker* up for a kiss, consider a fitting lemonade theme for your baby’s cake smash. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

Jenn Hoffman Mickey

2. Mickey Mouse: Throw a Mickey Mouse-inspired cake smash if your baby loves all things Disney. All this needs is a pair of Mickey Mouse ears to finish off the look! If you’ll be taking the photos, keep in mind that the cake won’t last long, so snap away! (via Jenn Hoffman Photography)

Karissa Bumble Bee

3. Bumble Baby: Yes, your baby can be a li’l stinger when they’re upset; but when they’re sweet, they’re as sweet as honey. Throw them an adorable first birthday with a buzzworthy theme. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

Karissa Circus

4. Circus Act: Babies are hilarious even when they aren’t trying to be. If your little one can moonlight as a circus performer, this carnivalesque cake smash is all kinds of perfect. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

Laurie Ice Photography

5. Cookie Monster: Surprise your baby with a bright blue Cookie Monster cake for their first birthday. Once you put the cake in front of them, it won’t take long until you get plenty of *sweet* photos. (via LCE Photography)

Liz Anne Frosted Petticoat Blog

6. Turquoise + Pink: It doesn’t take much to pull off a cute cake-smash photo session. Though the decorations are kept to a minimum, a cute outfit can make the whole look. Who knew a simple headband and frilly skirt is all that’s needed to keep all eyes on your baby? (via Liz Anne Photography / The Frosted Petticoat)

karissa 5

7. Picnic Party: This watermelon party is the perfect cake smash idea to throw for your summer baby. Pack a picnic (and some wet naps) to enjoy a real picnic with the fam before the cake smashing session. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

karissa 1

8. Little Lumberjack: Flannel, lumber and lanterns will go V far in creating a successful lumberjack-themed cake smash. Throw in a pair of glasses in some of the photos for instant hipster vibes. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

Mara Design Evolving

9. Decked Out Flapper: The Art Deco flair on this sweet little babe looks as sweet as those layers of lace and pearls. Once you wrap up the shoot, you’ll want to have an extra onesie and a set of towels handy for quick cleanup. (via Design Evolving)

karissa 3

10. Cowgirl: She’s a little rowdy — but all babies are! Why not channel that inner rodeo spirit with a cowgirl outfit and theme? Just make sure to take plenty of photos pre-messy baby so you can look back and see the progression of their cake smashing. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

Miranda North Minimalist

11. Whimsical in White: There’s no going wrong with a minimalist theme for your baby’s cake smash — not to mention that a simple background keeps the focus on the baby. Slip them into a darling white outfit, throw in a white cake with floral accents and you’ve got the perfect equation for fail-proof, charming photos to look back on for years to come. (via Miranda North Photography)

karissa 2

12. Baby Ruth: Foster an early love for baseball with this adorable American pastime look. To maintain consistency in your setup, coordinate your decorations with those on your cake. (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

karissa 4

13. Frills + Flowers: If you prefer natural lighting, prep a spot outdoors by polishing up the scene a bit and removing any visual distractions from the background (i.e. kids’ toys, chairs, etc.). Remember: Less clutter allows more of the focus to stay on your baby. For example, this simple blanket + hanging flowers decor combo totally does the trick! (via Karissa Knowles Photography)

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