Your little one (and your bump) is getting bigger every day. Oh, the many ways to measure your growing baby! At your last check-up, your doc gave you a centimeter guestimate of your baby’s size, and somewhere else you saw the calculation in inches. It can be hard to visualize these measurements during your pregnancy, so we made it easy for you by comparing your little one’s approximate size to fruits found in the produce aisle. Read on to find out if your baby is the size of a blueberry, lemon, or a coconut.

pregnant woman eating apple

1. Six Weeks —Pomegranate Seed: It’s entirely possible that you’ve just found out that you’re expecting. Obviously, it’s pretty improbable that your baby is the size of a full pomegranate right now, but she is about as big as a pomegranate seed… or a lentil.

2. Seven Weeks — Blueberry: What a difference a week makes! Your little bean is growing from the size of a pomegranate seed to a small, fresh-picked blueberry. And her teeny, tiny little hands and feet are starting to sprout.

3. Nine Weeks — Grape: As your morning sickness kicks into high gear (a totally unpleasant side effect of your first trimester), your baby has grown to the size of a grape. Fun fact: Your little one has eyes now, although she’s not able to see yet.

4. 11 Weeks — Fig: You’re almost out of the first trimester, and your little one is the size of a fig. You may be starting to feel less tired and less nauseated, but constipation and heartburn may be setting in, thanks to a slowing digestive tract.

5. 14 Weeks — Lemon: Your sweetie isn’t sour like this fruit, but she’s probably the size of it. You’re well into your second trimester and your belly is probably popping. Don’t worry about those funky elastic waist pants just yet. Your bump likely isn’t big enough to require a belly band.


6. 20 Weeks — Banana: Baby is probably a little over six inches long by now. If you’re not exactly sure how big that is, just think of this yellow fruit. Chances are that you’ve already had your first ultrasound by now, which means you may know if your baby is a boy or a girl!

7. 23 Weeks — Mango: Just picture that ripe, magnificently plump mango you happened upon once in the produce aisle. That’s the size of your baby right now. Oh yeah, and she’s probably kicking up a storm.

8. 31 Weeks — Coconut: Your baby is growing to the size of a coconut, and your belly is probably busting out. Not only is your bump super noticeable, but you may also notice that you’re starting to leak a little pre-milk (AKA colostrum).

9. 34 Weeks — Cantaloupe: That melon in your belly is putting all kinds of pressure on everything inside of you, which may mean you’re growing more and more uncomfortable by the day. Don’t stress, mama. You’re almost in the home stretch.

10. 39 Weeks — Watermelon: By this point in your pregnancy, you’re ready to burst. That’s probably because you have a baby the size of a mini-watermelon inside of you. During your doc or midwife visits, which are now happening on a weekly basis, the medical pro will check your cervix to see if it’s softening or dilating.

11. 40 Weeks — Jackfruit: If you have no clue what jackfruit is, visit the exotic foods area of your local grocery store (or, you know, Google it). Even though one jackfruit can grow up to 100 pounds, your baby isn’t anywhere near this size. But she is fully formed and ready to meet you. You could go into labor at any time now. If your little one is set on staying in, the doctor may consider inducing you in a week or two.

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