You may not be Blake Lively or Mila Kunis, but your friends and family are totally into your pregnancy. Even though the paparazzi aren’t exactly putting you on bump watch, you don’t have to skip out on tracking (and showing off) your burgeoning bump just because you aren’t Kim Kardashian. Check out these creatively cute ways to keep your nearest and dearest up to date with and aware of that belly you’re building!


1. Tape-Measure Technique: Did your belly grow an inch? Maybe it was two? Measure it for your friends! Have your honey wrap your middle with a measuring tape and snap pics. Post a new measurement photo the same day each week. If the numbers on the tape are too tiny for everyone to actually see, write the new total on a piece of paper that you hold up for the camera.

2. Same Shirt, Same Size, Bigger Bump: That super soft tank is your go-to cool and comfy shirt. Your friends know it. Your family knows it. You even wore it in the sweet little “I’m pregnant!” pic where you held that pink-plus-sign stick up for all of your FB friends. Put that same shirt on each week and take a photo. The non-maternity shirt will show just how much your baby bump has grown.


3. Keep Clothes Close: Your partner ran out and bought a newborn-sized onesie the moment that the second line popped up in the pregnancy test window. But you have almost nine months until someone can wear it. Use it right now (and for the next three trimesters) as a bump-watch photo prop. Put that onesie on your belly and photograph away. Keep going every week or month, including a final photo with your brand-new baby wearing it!

4. Holiday Show: You got pregnant in June. On Independence Day, you took a photo that showed, um… absolutely nothing. (That is, there was no bump to speak of yet.) That’s okay: Keep taking photos on each holiday as your belly bump grows! Add in a themed outfit and background. Obviously, you’ll don a costume on Halloween (a mummy, perhaps?), whip up some Pilgrim garb for Thanksgiving and wear your amazingly, awesomely ugly Christmas sweater in December. But don’t forget about lesser-known holidays such as World Food Day, Pi Day, World Science Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day (and yes, those are all real celebrations).


5. Shadow Play: Let the sun help you show off your growing belly. Move the photo shoot outside, turn sideways (to show off your bump), and take a picture of your shadow. Snap a new one every week or two. Post these photos showing the growing shadow your expanding midsection casts.

6. Calendar Creation: After focusing on styling the photos themselves, switch your attention to the way you display and share them. Set up a calendar, adding pictures to each day. Not only is this a cute (and easy) way to keep friends and family in the baby loop, but it also doubles as a delivery-day countdown.

7. Side by Side: You’re pregnant! It’s the first day that you can say, “Yep, I know for sure there’s a baby growing in there.” Take a picture, turning toward the side. Keep up the picture-taking, posting each new one next to the very first. The side-by-side comparison will show just how much that baby bump is continuing to grow.

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