Happy Friday, y鈥檃ll! We made it! Today we鈥檝e got memorable new moments from a perfect li鈥檒 baby and some sad news from the Kardashians, plus four more of today鈥檚 buzziest news items. Check them out below!

Granny came from Ohio to meet Luna today

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1. Welp, goodbye, this photo has done us in forever. John Legend shared the most adorable photo of his grandmother finally getting to meet sweet baby Luna. 鈥淕ranny came from Ohio to meet Luna today,鈥 he captioned the photo. This was no doubt a meaningful moment for the family, as John grew up close to his grandmother in Ohio 鈥 and she even helped him learn piano all those years ago. We鈥檙e sure she has much more to teach her great-granddaughter too.

The beginning!

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2. And you know what? It鈥檚 Friday, so shamelessly, here is MORE Luna adorableness! Maybe some of that musicality is already rubbing off on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend鈥檚 little one, as Chrissy shared a short video of Luna bopping to her dad鈥檚 music! 鈥淭he beginning!鈥 Chrissy captioned it. We can鈥檛 wait to see more of these!

3. Some sad news from the Kardashians: Khloe has filed for divorce from Lamar Odom. Um, again. Khloe initially filed in late 2013, but the divorce was never finalized and she withdrew the filing just this past October. The pair has been through a ton of messy upheaval, and this time Khloe cited irreconcilable differences. If we know the Kardashians, though, there is no doubt that the two will remain close and that the fiercely loyal family will continue to support Odom and keep him in their lives. (Photo via Michael Buckner/Getty)

馃崏 Pants - @88finbyblacchyna

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4. Um, Blac Chyna is giving off some MAJOR Kim K vibes in this baby bump selfie! This is our first look at a bare bump from Blac, and she鈥檚 looking amazing! Could an internet-breaking version be next?!

5. Today, all of us are last night鈥檚 Spelling Bee contestants dabbing after spelling a word correctly. TGIF! We love this dance trend and we love these kids.

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淲hen I replaced apologies with more fully formed and honest sentiments, a world of communication possibilities opened up to me. I鈥檓 just sorry it took me so long.鈥 Lena Dunham on the 鈥渕odern plague鈥 of apologizing and how Beyonce鈥檚 Lemonade made her stop saying 鈥渟orry.鈥 (via LinkedIn)

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