While we’re not all parents here at Brit HQ, we do occasionally get baby on the brain. We can’t help it! With lots of our friends and family (and even some of our team!) becoming parents and some crazy-awesome new developments in the land of baby tech, we like to nerd out a little bit about what gadgets have got to go in our future little one’s nursery. We’re betting these ten gadgets would make even the most jaded Silicon Valley baby crack a smile.

1. iiamo go: This self-heating bottle could be a lifesaver for parents on-the-go. In just four minutes, it can warm milk up to body temperature, all ready for your baby to imbibe. There’s no cord or electricity so you can literally use this anywhere you go with your little ones.

2. Owlet Baby Monitor: This new sock may help new parents sleep at night: it tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, among other factors, while he or she sleeping. It will sends alerts to the parents’ phones when it senses something off, like the baby being colder than usual or having rolled over onto his or her stomach. It also tracks sleep over time, so you know what’s up — you can even send the info to your doctor to have her look it over for you! Now if only it could deal with those 3 AM feedings…

3. Spuni: An ergonomic baby spoon? It may seem totally crazy, but if you’ve ever seen a little one new to solid food, you know the mess is enormous. This spoon is designed to ease the transition to solid food by imitating the sucking motion that babies already use. It just might make mealtime a little less messy.

4. Babycook Pro: Baby’s gotta eat! This is basically the ultimate baby food making machine that can prepare anything from purees to solids (infant to toddler). It can make over nine cups at one time and can reheat or defrost food you’ve previously made, making your life way easier.

5. Babies’ Diary: Feel a little scatterbrained trying to remember all the relevant details of your infant’s life, health, and schedule? We don’t blame you! This app is a simple diary that allows you to document everything that happens the day of your child (or children!). Keep track of how many diapers you’re going through, when you’re going for walks, and how long they’re sleeping. It’s your one stop baby shop!

6. Carkoon: First of all, this name is brilliant. It sounds like a mix between a cocoon and a cartoon and we’re loving it. But on to the serious stuff: safety. Not only is this a fully functioning car seat, it also has the bonus safety precaution of a shield. That shield deploys upon impact to protect your wee one from any broken glass or other debris flying around the car. Brilliant! And it looks like a spaceship to boot!

7. Belkin Baby Monitor: We’ve written about this one before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Belkin’s Wemo Baby, a smartphone-based monitor system, is a definite upgrade from old, run-of-the-mill baby monitors. It works with your home’s existing WiFi system to connect with your smartphone or other internet-enabled device. The free app allows you to listen for noises like a regular baby monitor, but with much better sound quality and from whatever device you choose.

8. Smart Diapers: These diapers are made to prevent/detect infant UTIs. Each diaper has test strips built in, allowing it to tell certain aspects of your baby’s health when urine is absorbed. These test strips surround a QR code. The corresponding iPhone app reads the code and the color of the strips and outputs info about the health of your baby’s urinary tract, allowing you to get him or her to the doctor before any of the nastier symptoms of UTIs kick in.

9. Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case: If you’ve been around a baby recently, you know how much they love to play with your smartphone. I mean, who can blame them — they’re shiny and we’re on them all the time! But baby drool is not always the most tech-friendly substance. This case will let your little one play around with your phone while keeping it nice and dry. You can also set it up to cover your home button so your baby doesn’t accidentally make work calls without you!

10. Smart PJs: Best way to convince your child to put on their PJs? Promise a bedtime story! These PJs do that for you! Just scan one of the multi-dot codes printed on the pajamas with the smartphone app, and the corresponding story is ready to read. It’s like a library, on your kid’s jammies!

Bonus: TweetPee: And now, for the slightly ridiculous. Huggies has come up with concept device that sends parents a message when their child needs a diaper change. Cool or crazy?

Are you a recent or not-so-recent parent? What sorts of tech do you think the nursery needs? Let us know in the comments below!