If you’re anything like me, you look forward to Monday nights — wine glass overflowing (wait, what?), cheese plate carefully crafted — it’s time for The Bachelor. Most likely, if you’re a dedicated fan of the franchise like I am, you have a few bachelor/ettes that were your fave and least fave to watch. Bachelor contestants have their minute in the spotlight and then fade away once the show finishes airing. That said, some go on to have seriously legit careers — like Ali Fedotowsky!

She doesn’t know this, but I was actually her personal cheerleader during her time on The Bachelor (JAKE, YOU ARE A FOOL). When she became The Bachelorette the following season, I was thrilled for her, because she was truly a likable person. Imagine how excited I was to find out that Ali is going to co-host Re:Make 2016 (which is *one* week from today!).


To properly celebrate and prepare for Ali taking the stage at Re:Make, let’s take a walk down memory lane with our favorite Bachelor GIFs of all time. Brace yourselves.


1. So Excited I Literally Don’t Know How to Control My Face: One of the most memorable faces in the franchise is the face that Olivia (from Ben Higgins’ season) makes when she’s super stoked. Pure joy, people, pure joy.


2. Advice on What to Do If a Relationship Fails: Jami Letain, who was eliminated by Ben Higgins on the most recent season of The Bachelor, got super real when she declared she’s opening her heart up to cats. Lots of them.


3. Truly Epic Date Fails: If you’re getting picked up in a helicopter for a date and have expensive Champagne sitting on a flimsy table, you probs deserve to have said table flip over, Ben and Jojo. Sorrrrry!


4. D-bags Imploding: You can count on this show for its fair share of total d-bags, like Bachelor in Paradise’s Chad (did he have any fans?!), to implode and show their true colors. Beware of these, ladies!


5. Wedding Insight: Take it from Whitney Bischoff, who won Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. Weddings. Romance. Who would’ve thought?!


6. Drink and Dive No-Nos: Take it from Grant, who appeared on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise: Diving into the ocean immediately upon entering will result in you hitting the sand very hard.


7. Actions = Louder Than Words: Britt Nilsson, who was thisclose to becoming The Bachelorette, proved that actions speak louder than words when she served up this seriously LOL-worthy sass on Season 11.


8. Not Being Able to Decide How You Feel: One moment you’re mad, and the next you’re LOLing — all in one fluid expression of emotion. It’s just a day in the life of Bachelor in Paradise cast member Lace, y’all.

Will you join us at Re:Make 2016? We hope so! Tweet us @BritandCo to let us know!

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