It’s back-to-school season, baby! We’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited about stocking up on stylin’ school supplies for the new year. The trick to smart BTS shopping? Keeping our class needs *and* our workspace in mind. With the help of Office Depot, we’re bringing you tips and tricks for a sweet schoolwork setup, chock full of customizable supplies that will maximize study efficiency and are also pretty dang cute.


When shopping for back-to-school supplies, we make sure to invest in tools that are just as smart as we are. :) We’ve waxed poetic about the TUL® Brand before, and we’ll happily do it again — the TUL™ for School discbound notebook is vital to keeping hectic school life in order. We consider it our master hub for *all* schoolwork. And it’s the first thing we check off our BTS shopping list :)

Y’all, Office Depot has made a special, limited-edition version of our favorite work PIC just for students! The TUL™ for School discbound notebook is designed to be customized to your personal needs, with eight cover designs, multiple types of paper inserts, weekly and monthly agendas, task pads, tab dividers, page flags, and more. The discbound element makes it a cinch to rearrange notes as needed. It’s a note-taking game changer. Don’t forget to scoop up additional fun flair, like rad stickers, key chains, and other fashion accessories!

P.S. The feeling of using TUL® Brights Retractable Gel Pens on that notebook paper is *SO* satisfying. Seriously, it’s a match made in heaven. (Their mechanical pencils are pretty too :)


First up, we’re tackling the dorm-room desk debacle. How can we transform our tiny space into an uber-productive work zone that *also* houses all of our school essentials? Read on to find out!

Fact of life: Dorm rooms are inevitably small. But just because your room isn’t exactly ROOMY doesn’t mean it can’t be a productive spot for your study jams. We’re all about maximizing vertical space *and* creating a comfortable workspace by way of smart storage — AKA a big pegboard and wall hooks galore. Instead of cluttering your desk, hang notebooks, photos, pencil pouches, and your other essentials on hooks.

Be sure to fill your home-base study zone with items that motivate you *and* that you’re excited to use. For us, that’s a combo of utilitarian tools, like notebooks, power banks, and other smart tech; and inspiration, like our go-to inspo quote and a photo of our favorite people. And TBH, these school essentials are so good-looking that we’re stoked to display them!

Psst: See that calculator? There’s a fun marble maze game on the back! It’s the BEST little game to play while you’re bored in class ;)


We’re also quite partial to pouches for school accessories. They’re basically mobile drawers, you know? This clear banana pencil pouch (with the fuzziest pom-pom key chain ever) is a winner because we can see the contents inside… and we love banana prints. Duh :)

When outfitting your workspace with school essentials, remember to grab smart analog AND tech tools to get the job done right. Exhibit A: this tiny but powerful USB hub that’s a must-have at the library.

Scroll on for some of our favorite details of this smart school workspace.

Yep, those are erasers!


We know, we know — studying in our dorm is not *always* an option. The smartest tools are ones that we can toss in our school bag… without giving us back problems :) So our SECOND go-to workspace? The backpack.

Again, the trick here is to invest in school supplies that won’t bog you down. The do-it-all TUL™ for School discbound notebook is a planner and to-do list all in one, so it’s ideal for those who work on the go (ahem, we students). Toss in a class-specific notebook (banana printed, because that’s how we roll) and that clear catchall pouch (also banana printed!), and be on your way.

There you have it — smart study tools and workspace tips that’ll help you be your best self this school year. Now go on and kick this school year’s academic booty!

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