Nothing rose gold can stay. Since its premiere in September, the iPhone 7 has been plagued by people saying this upgrade鈥檚 not worth it and it鈥檚 more prudent to wait for next year鈥檚 iPhone. For those on the fence, a new report could make that decision easier.


Which? Magazine, a publication based in the UK, compared the iPhone 7 to several other leading smartphones on the market: the HTC 10, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5. They found the iPhone 7 came last (by far!) in terms of battery life for making phone calls and using 3G. The leader of the pack was the HTC 10, which logged 1859 minutes of phone call or 790 minutes of 3G before dying. The iPhone 7 only lasted 712 minutes while making calls and聽615 minutes on 3G.

For those who rely on their phones all day long, battery life could be a vital decision. In a piece last month,聽The Guardian聽criticized the iPhone 7, saying that the battery life was even worse than the聽6S.

Although there definitely are some good reasons to consider the iPhone 7 (portrait mode聽and waterproofing), we鈥檙e crossing our fingers that Apple has something BIG planned for 2017.

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(h/t MacRumors; photos via Apple)